Here’s how foodpanda makes memories and mealtimes #BetterWithCoke

Have you found your one true pairing? More often than not, these things are subtly introduced into our lives but leavequite the impact once it’s all been said and done. Like, ice cream on a hot summer day, popcorn and movies, bacon and eggs, a burger with fries on the side, and the forever table staple in life events, foodpanda and Coke!

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foodpanda is one to thank for opening the gates to making amazing eats and elevated dining experiences more accessible while Coke is what makes bonds greater and moments better. Together? These two are a match made inheaven!

The best of all? foodpanda and Coke are collaborating to usher in a new generation of traditions in their mission to promote strengthened bonds and togetherness. And as part of this joint effort, foodpanda is giving foodies the power to mix and match until they find their “one true pairing.”

Whether they’re in the mood for a chicken fix, a plate of pizza and pasta, or a deep dive into the flavors of Asia, they can now make it #BetterWithCoke anywhere and anytime. It’s a guaranteed treat for all, lifestyle influencersincluded!

For Sef Balmocena, he finds that his favorite meals from foodpanda are “not complete without taking a sip of Coke.”

Then there’s Yael Arevalo, who says, “Everytime na mag-lulunch kami ng friends ko, o-order kami sa foodpanda,at syempre, hinding-hindi nawawala ang Coke!”

While trends may come and go, what stays true is the taste, now linked to a memory, a time, a person, or a place. Similar to how it played a part in Camille Alipio-Luzande’s formative years, which she believes lets them taste thefeeling and bring to life the idea that “drinking Coke alone or together is a simple pleasure that makes everyday moments more special. Which is better now than ever since I can order through foodpanda!”

Yet, beyond just a perfect meal partner, Patricia Dauz finds Coke as a symbol. “Strengthening bonds between family,friends and even strangers.” She shares.

Understandably, nothing beats an absolute classic, and to Aubrey Lim there’s only one definitive mealtimeexperience she would keep coming back to over and over again. “It’s eating my favorite burger from foodpandaunder the skies!” She said.

And if you’re in a rebellious mood, why not take a page off of Aubrey’s go-to and embark on a gastronomic trip for your next fave combo through foodpanda? The place where the digital and physical collide to bring a wide array of mouth-watering and thirst-quenching virtual selections into real-world satisfaction for utmost convenience andmoney-saving promo deals!


Fortunately, foodpanda is now combo-ready for mixing and matching with its current partnership with Coke to make cherishing mealtimes even more accessible. As part of this joint effort, foodpanda is launching deals nationwide to make mealtimes #BetterWithCoke, allowing users to save while pairing their chosen lunch or dinner feast with the beverage through notable-merchant partners in order to create their ultimate dream combo.


Use the code, COKELUNCH to get ₱80 off from 11 AM to 3PM, with a minimum spend of

₱500 at select restaurants nationwide. 


Use the code, COKEDINNR to get 100 off from 4 PM to 8PM, with a minimum spend of ₱500 at selectrestaurants nationwide.

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Valid for food delivery until October 12, 2022 only. Limited redemptions only. T&Cs apply. Per DTI Fair TradePermit No. FTEB-145419 Series of 2022.

Ready to order? Download the foodpanda app and start making your favorite meals #BetterWithCoke,available on the Google Play Store (Android) and Apple App Store (IOS).

Learn more about foodpanda through Facebook and Instagram.

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