Deals Alert! Centrum and Stresstabs Up to 50% Off on Shopee’s 5.5 Brands Festival

As pandemic thought us some of the most valuable lessons in life, I’m sure most of you are taking at least a vitamin or two by now. Thanks to our favorite online shopping partner for providing us good deals when it comes to vitamins. Say for example this coming May 5, Shopee 5.5 Brands Festival is treating us again with great deals. I am talking about up to 50% on Centrum and Stresstabs from GSK! I can’t believe my favorite supplements are on sale so adding some to cards now.

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If I can vividly remember, Stresstabs were my favorite vitamin back in college because it is very effective for me especially during exams period and late night assignments. It really is! At that time all I know is that is solves my stressful day but now I am more aware that Stresstabs has many benefits.

GSK 50% bundle | Shopee 5.5 Brands Festival

First it works for the prevention and treatment of Vitamin B-Complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Iron deficiencies during periods of stress.

GSK 50% bundle | Shopee 5.5 Brands Festival

Very recently, I included Stresstabs in my purchase because I believe in its effect on me. And not only it gives some boost but it is also enriched with Vit-E + other skin repairing nutrients for healthy-looking skin, and infused with 500mg of Vitamin C to help strengthen the Immune System.

GSK 50% bundle | Shopee 5.5 Brands Festival

For starters, the recommended daily intake is one tablet a day or as prescribed by the physician. Do not exceed recommended daily dose/amount. Product contains iron which can be harmfu lto children when taken in large doses. In case of accidental overdose; seek medical advice.

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Centrum on the other hand is way more popular because yes it is giving us vitamins complete from A to Z. And lately I have discovered Centrum Advance and Centrum Silver for Mom. She loves Centrum Silver because she always feels energize when she take one daily.

GSK 50% bundle | Shopee 5.5 Brands Festival



Speaking of Centrum advance, it is a daily multivitamin specially formulated to help protect your entire body with a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It applies up-to-date nutritional science to support your health, protecting your heart, eyes, immune system and so much more.

GSK 50% bundle | Shopee 5.5 Brands Festival

Moreover, here are some of the contents of each Centrum Advance.

  • 25 nutrients and antioxidants to support the following benefits and more!
  • Has 10 Immunity-boosting vitamins, minerals and antioxidants such as Vitamin A, C, D, E, Selenium and Zinc!
  • Contains Lycopene as well as Folic Acid, Vitamin B6 and B12 to help keep your heart healthy!
  • Contains B vitamins fto help turn your food into energy for the day.
  • Has Vitamin C and E to help keep your skin, hair and nails healthy.
  • With Lutein and Beta-Carotene(Vitamin A) for healthy eyes.

I am going to add them now to cart and will checkout midnight of May 5. Enjoy bigger savings when you shop your favorite brands on Shopee this May 5, with 50% off brand bundles, 10% off daily discounts, free shipping with ₱0 min. spend, and sitewide free shipping w/ ₱199 min. spend.


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