Cool Birthday Party Entertainment Alternatives to DJs & Cover Bands

Birthday parties are even more cherished these years now that so many had to skip them for a couple of years.  Because of this, it’s common for people to go all out to celebrate and make the most out of this that they can. But, unfortunately, it can be hard to think out of the box when you’re used to DJs and cover bands being the norm.

These are the top birthday party entertainment alternatives that will make this the celebration of the year!

Stand Up Comedy

Comedians know how to make an audience perk up and get excited, so why not hire a comedian? But, first, consider what type of humor the guest of honor has, what kind of comedian would work well with that, and if there are any comedians, in particular, they’re interested in

Although there are tons of different comedians to choose from: this can be a good thing! Finally, you’ll find someone that makes you laugh and livens up the party, and hopefully has niche humor or jokes that will hit just right for your guests.

Celebrity Impersonators

Celebrity impersonators have been hitting up parties since the 1800s, and now they’re back in popularity!  From people who do the classic Elvis look to those who can make themselves as convincing as Beyonce, you’ll be amazed at all of the different impersonators you can find out there.

The best part of this is that usually these people have a great sense of humor, so they can keep a party going by talking and having fun while also posing for silly photos as a celebrity.

Belly Dancers

Belly dancing is an ancient art form, and it’s a great way to wake up a party and get people into motion.  With awesome muscle and body control, and a sense of rhythm like none other, belly dancers are professionals that know what they’re doing and are usually excited to teach and have fun with parties.  

Princess Performers

Princess performers, also referred to as Party Princesses, are those who dress up as popular Disney and folktale princesses so that they can entertain kids and give them a little magic on their birthday

Usually, they only cater to kids’ parties, but with some rules laid, many will also do adult birthday parties as long as they’re respectful.  This is great for anyone who still adores Disney as an adult and wants an awesome party.


Who wouldn’t want art drawn of them?  Caricaturists are professional artists who can quickly draw art of your guests or of the party itself and bring out everyones’ unique features.  Although they can be expensive to hire, it’s fun to see all of the art they make of your friends and loved ones! 

Your Celebration’s Entertainment Should Amaze!

There’s no reason your party should flop!  Have fun with it, give yourself the chance to think outside the box so that the party can be a once-in-a-lifetime event that everyone will be excited about!  Otherwise, the same old band or DJ can feel a little boring.

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