The best dreams are the ones that can change the course of an entire life. The best dreams can happen when they are nurtured with  ALAGA.

ALAGA is at the heart of SILKA. For 20 years, ALAGANG SILKA has bathed women and their families with skin care, health, well-being and beauty; now this very same ALAGA acquires more breadth and depth, going above and beyond the physical and material. Now, ALAGANG SILKA becomes larger than life, even immeasurable – as intangibles always are.


On its 20th anniversary on September 8,2021, SILKA launches the ALAGA SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM and invites the dreamers, the doers, the men and women of action who have been working hard towards their dreams for their whole lives, to apply.

Simply because… all  dreams are valid and worth fulfilling. All dreams need ALAGA to come true. ANG PANGARAP MONG COLLEGE DEGREE, MATUTUPAD SA ALAGANG SILKA. (YOUR COLLEGE DREAMS CAN COME TRUE WITH ALAGANG SILKA). ALAGA now stands for Academic, Learning, and Achievement Grant Awardees.

ALAGANG SILKA now reaches out to incoming college students or current college students of any level, na maaaring mabigyan ng scholarship grants para makapagtapos ng college (who can be given scholarships to finish college degrees). Through this newly-launched corporate social responsibility program, scholars will bask in the same ALAGANG SILKA, that will now not only transform them physically and emotionally, but can enrich their lives.

Because to nurture scholars  with ALAGANG SILKA stands to produce fruits that multiply. SILKA ALAGA scholars are bound to uplift, not only themselves, but also their families, their communities, and their country. For this reason alone, the determination to nurture them becomes  its own reward.  Aalagaan ang pag-aaral ng mga college students na ito, para mapaganda ang kanilang buhay at upang sila rin ang mag-aalaga sa susunod naman sa kanilang yapak. (Their college education will be cared for, so they can live better lives and they too can care for those who follow in their footsteps). With the SILKA ALAGA Scholarship Program, Silka expresses ALAGA by giving back, and makes ALAGA a way of life for the ones whose dreams of living better need fruition.

Since its inception in 2001, Silka, a beauty and skincare brand, has been creating a superior line of affordable and effective products that are easily accessible and within the reach of consumers, helping them achieve lighter and smoother skin complexions, naturally.

Inspired by its 20th anniversary, Silka will be searching for 20 college scholars from all over the country. This nationwide search will find five (5) scholars each from Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, and Metro Manila. All scholars will be provided a fixed amount for their  tuition fees and allowances, so that they can be supported in their studies, as they get closer and closer to their dreams.

The road to finishing a college degree may be long and hard, but the  SILKA ALAGA SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM hopes to pave the way : AALAGAAN NG  SILKA ALAGA SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM ANG INYONG COLLEGE GOALS. (THE SILKA ALAGA SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM WILL HELP YOU ACHIEVE YOUR COLLEGE GOALS).  Be a SILKA ALAGA Scholar! Applications will be accepted beginning Sept. 15, 2021.

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  1. 20 years na po akong gumagamit nang silka papaya,silka papaya lotion,silka cleanser po 1st year college na po ako ngayon sanay mabigyan nyo nang scholarship program at sana papalarin manalo ako nang 1m kasi single mom po ako nawalan nang work dahil sa pandemic salamat po


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