Here is What Netizens Are Talking About Upcoming Vice Ganda US Concert!

It looks like the netizens cannot wait for the much anticipated event that is happening in the US. A brand new concert titled Vax Ganda: A Dose Of Laughter starring the one and only, unkabogable Vice Ganda! Yes because everyone is talking about it everyday on social media. The concert is slated on October 15 and 16 at Pechanga Resort Casino in Temecula, California and on October 24 in Mohegan Sun in Connecticut.

Ever since the smash success of her Gandemic: The VG-Tal Concert, netizens especially fans living in the US has been very vocal about wanting to see meme Vice Ganda in flesh to bring joy and that signature dose of laughter outside the country and how lucky these fans this year because it is really happening in less than a month!

With Vice Ganda at the helm of the creatives and with Marvin Querido as musical director, Vax Ganda: A Dose Of Laughter is a production of Star Media Entertainment and it should be noted that this is the very first concert of the Unkaboggable Phenomenal Box-office Superstar with a live audience – something that pumps her up with much vigor and excitement.

To spice things up, the comedic duo of MC and Lassy, Queen Of Teleserye Theme Songs Angeline Quinto, and a very special guest join Vice Ganda as her very special guests. And speaking of special guests, everyone is talking about who will Vice Ganda bring to join her in this much awaited event? Let’s see what the people are talking!


Another netizen also reminded everyone to avail of the tickets, altough I think at this point is already sold out?

What touched my heart is this netizen spoiling her mom to a wonderful treats that included Vice Ganda concert ticket!

Vice Ganda’s relentless desire to adapt allowed her to thrive despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles that prevented her from physically connecting with her beloved madlang people. While she is able to sustain her superstardom in the midst of the new normal, Vice Ganda openly admits that there is still a void in her heart that could only be filled by her live audience which is dearest to her heart as a performer.

“It has been years since I performed in the US and it has been over a year since I’ve been with a live audience. I cannot begin to describe my excitement because I tremendously missed my madlang people since my energy on stage is fueled by the collective roar of their laughter and positive reaction,” says Vice Ganda. “It’s very important to me to give them a great show because this is a major milestone not just for me but for the audience as well. We have been writing and developing new materials and a repertoire that is designed specifically and especially for this show.”

I am a happy, living proof that meme Vice Ganda continues to strive with hard-work, dedication, fortitude, and faith in the Lord as she acknowledges that love and laughter are integral elements needed in coping with the depression, fear, and anxiety brought about by Covid19.

When asked about her heart about this this concert, she excitedly shares, “Filipinos based in the States have been through such unimaginable stress as they worry not only for their own safety but the safety of their families in the Philippines as well. This concert has a deeper meaning that transcends laughter and mirth because this will be the first time that we will be with each other physically. I will make sure to give them a show they will never forget. I will really make them laugh their brains out and give them a good time. This is my small contribution to make them happy and to honor all their sacrifices in the past months.”

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