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The COVID-19 pandemic has redefined so many aspects of our lives, from our interactions to our workplace to our learning experiences. Fundamentally, our needs have changed, and how we face the new normal must reflect that. However, these changes don’t have to limit us, but it can offer us infinite possibilities for a better world.

As digital learning rose tremendously in the wake of quarantine lockdown protocols, post-pandemic trends show that an even bigger ed-tech boom is on the horizon. The flexibility, accessibility, and efficiency that e-learning offers has opened a wealth of opportunities for learners. Esme Philippines is at the forefront of this digital revolution, aiming to equip Filipinos with in-demand skills for the new normal through it’s e-learning platform. 

Last November 15, Esme held a live webinar on Secrets to Storytelling with Ricky Lee, a sold-out success that converted the screenwriting legend’s famous writing workshops into a virtual interactive webinar where the audience got to sit down with Ricky Lee and learn tried-and-tested writing tips and industry anecdotes straight from the man himself. The reception toward the webinar was warm, with many customers left wanting more. In the days of lockdowns and social distancing, we need to come together even more to celebrate our talents and our connection. 

Which is why Esme Philippines is taking virtual workshops to the next level with the Live Learning Series (LLS)! Founders Jesica Navarette and Cher Tanchico believe that online learning can go beyond just being  a digital classroom—Esme is a space where learners can share, synthesize, and optimize valuable skills through an ever-growing community.

Esme Live Learning Series LPMain

Their recently-launched Live Learning Series (LLS) features an exciting roster of industry luminaries such as Ricky Lee, Quark Henares, Sarah Fernandez, Carlon Josol, Robert Borjal, and many more. Want to learn more about sustainability? Want to try out fitness planning at home? Or maybe you want to make your business ideas a reality? No matter where you are or what your interests are, LLS has something for you! Some of their coming workshops include: Story Selling, Core and More, Farm Business Management, Lean Business Planning, Learn How to Get a 9.0 in IELTS, Tiktok Marketing Secrets, TV Show Directing, and many more!

The Live Learning Series is especially planned for your comfort and includes webinar lectures, live 3-hour Zoom and Q&A sessions, unlimited access to the video recordings, certificates of attendance, and reading materials! These sessions are immersive, interactive, and transformative. What are you waiting for? Check the Live Learning Series out now! https://www.esme.ph/pages/live-learning-series.

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