(TIPS) 5 Signs That You’ve Found the Ideal Candidate for the Job

As a recruiter, you are most likely aware of the red flags that you should watch out for to separate the unworthy applicants from those with potential, such as answering dishonestly, dissing former employers, or coming late in the interview. Although looking for these signs is critical, you should also be cautious not to focus too much on identifying the not-so-good ones that you miss the ideal candidate for the job

Finding the right person to fill a position can be daunting, especially if there are hundreds of applicants who responded to your “jobs in Manila” ad online. Nonetheless, the screening process can be easier if you know what to look for, particularly during the interview process. To help narrow down your choices and lead you to the ideal candidate for the job, you may want to take note of the following signs:

They Are Knowledgeable

The ideal applicant is proactive. They take the initiative to learn more about your company and the position they are applying for. They know their stuff and come to the interview prepared. Such a candidate is self-motivated and genuinely interested in becoming a part of your organization.

They will most likely thrive even with minimal supervision and can adjust to any work environment pretty quickly. Give additional points if the applicant knows your company mission, vision, and core values since it shows that they want to establish a career with you instead of jumping ship to the next big offer.


You Can Feel Their Passion  

Try to gauge the applicant’s passion and enthusiasm not only with their words but also through their facial expression, tone of voice, and body language. Is the person eager to tell you about their previous work, how they contributed to that company, and how they can do the same for you?  The right candidate will be excited at the thought of working in your company and performing the job rather than focusing on the salary and benefits.

While there is nothing wrong with being motivated by external rewards like money, your company will be better off finding someone who cares deeply about what they do and takes pride in it. Keep in mind that an intrinsically motivated candidate will be more productive, driven, hardworking, and resilient when faced with obstacles.


They Are Willing to Admit Their Flaws

Whether you realize it or not, the perfect candidate is imperfect. Everybody is bound to have some flaws, and the ideal person for the job will be willing to admit them. Keep in mind that one can only grow and improve if they recognize their weaknesses and commit to learning from them.

Listen to their stories and take note of instances wherein they admitted to making a mistake at work and how they tried to recover from them. Owning up to one’s mistakes and having a clear plan on how to get better is also a good sign that the candidate is reliable and can work well with others.


They Offer Something New

While it is essential to consider the candidate’s employment record and past accomplishments, it is best to examine their ability to think ahead. The majority of applicants will brag about their impressive track record in their former jobs. But the exceptional ones will come to the interview offering more.

They will present concrete ideas on how they can contribute to your company’s growth based on their past experiences. Their plans are usually innovative and readily implementable from day one, and not something that requires additional resources to carry out. Find someone wise and motivated enough to come up with valuable ideas without prodding, as it means they have the right mindset and are fully invested in your company.


The Interview Process Is Painless

Whether you admit it or not, interviews can be monotonous and boring, especially if you find yourself asking most of the questions and getting the usual answers. When you are merely ticking off items on your list without hearing valuable responses, you should move on until you find someone who will make you feel excited during and even after the interview.

One of the signs that you have found the right candidate is when the interview process seems more like a conversation rather than a question-and-answer portion. When you ask a question, the ideal applicant will respond articulately with examples and new insights to enrich the discussion.

They are also armed with thoughtful questions that show how much they are interested in knowing more about the company and the position they are eyeing. A candidate who makes you feel thrilled about your organization and the work you do means they can also bring the same level of positivity and enthusiasm in the workplace.

Although there is no single foolproof way to ensure that an applicant is a perfect fit for the job, looking for the signs above will help get you close. In case you cannot find a candidate who exhibits all these qualities, you may want to focus on the applicants who showed most of these signs when deciding who to hire for the position.





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