(LIFESTYLE) I Treat Myself to Skin 101’s Anti-Wrinkle & Dermal Fillers

2020 is a rough year for everyone but we already know that. Today, my story is about a positive change I embarked this month as a means of rewarding myself from merely surviving the year. To simply put it, I had Anti-Wrinkle and Dermal Fillers at Skin 101. And I have never been this happy.

Aging is inevitable. And as a content creator with my face all over social media, I have noticed visible lines and losing some skin volumes on my face. Well, even if I’m not a blogger, I think taking care of oneself and looking for options to improve is something that should always be on the table. I know I’m not getting any younger and even though I have regular skincare, the options of getting these treated crossed my mind many times.

My selfie in the past years showing fine lines in my forehead and losing skin volumes at my lower eyes.

RODmagaru selfie

Treatments & Skincare. For some men, it has been an unspoken concern. Mainly because the initial impression is that it is painful, and only for the vain conscious. I myself was on that side of the spectrum. Until I decided to treat myself because at this point, you will only regret the things you haven’t tried.

My concern about visible lines and other stuff on my face began when I noticed my Instagram posts. It looked like I am always tired and my forehead shows unpleasant lines that developed over the years and to be honest, I always use filter to remove it. There are many things I wanted to do but I know I have to start somewhere right. That’s when I braved myself to pay a visit to Skin101, one of the leaders in addressing & assessing skin and body concerns.

Rodmagaru for SKin101

If there’s one reason why Skin 101 should be anyone’s major consideration, it is because it houses two of the most popular dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons in the country. I am talking about Dr. Oliver Diaz and Dr. Jennie Francisco-Diaz who by the way have been my colleague’s recommendation even before.

My consultation with Dr. Jennie Diaz early this December went very well. As expected, Dr. Jennie properly assessed my skin concerns and similar to what I have envisioned, she recommended Anti-Wrinkle and Dermal Fillers.

SKin101 aru 01 ROD MAGARU

It is actually my very first time to undergo this treatment and more than being nervous, I was excited because my goal is to see visible results right after the procedure. Oh by the way, Anti-Wrinkle and Dermal fillers should only be done and supervised by legitimate, trusted and well-experienced doctors. It is a non- negotiable consideration when you’re planning to undergo these kinds of treatment. That’s why I recommend Dr. Jennie and Dr. Oliver at Skin 101.

I got the treatment schedule a week after and since I trusted the procedure and the clinic, my only question was the downtime because of multiple commitments. Good thing there is nothing to worry because the results will be seen right after the procedure.

As I was very excited for the treatment day, I haven’t had enough sleep the night before haha that’s why I look pale and under the bags heavily, which I think is not a bad thing because I also needed to show them my usual case when under the lack of sleep which most of us are experiencing.

Rodmagaru for SKin101

Luckily, Dr. Oliver and Dr. Jennie Diaz were very eager to explain everything. From how the product works and its benefit, I was very confident and happy to see how comfortable they are with knowing every single thing about the treatment and  in my case, Anti-Wrinkle and Dermal Fillers.

Rodmagaru for SKin101

Rodmagaru for SKin101

For starters, can I just simply explain about Anti-wrinkle. To some, they call it Botox but it is actually a brand name. The treatment is actually called Botulinum toxin type A is an injectable neurotoxin for wrinkle-smoothing and happy to know that Skin101 is partnering with Merz Aesthetics Philippines, with award-winning portfolio of injectables, devices and skincare products devoted to the art of making one look better, feel better, and live better.

The product that they are using for me exclusively from Merz Aesthetics PH are Xeomin (for Botulinum Toxin) and Belotero (for my fillers). Imagine my excitement knowing Skin101 and Merz Aesthetics PH about to do wonders to my face.

Rodmagaru for SKin101

Initially they marked my face on the areas that needs to be treated. From lower eyes to my jaws up to my forehead , they knew right away what needs to be addressed. After that, they started with the fillers (Belotero) on my cheeks and lower eyes. As already explained to me, the product contains numbing medication or anesthetic that’s why I didn’t feel any pain, only the initial injections on the area.

Rodmagaru for SKin101

Rodmagaru for SKin101

I was holding a stress ball because of anticipated pain but since there is already anesthesia within the fillers, I ended up almost juggling it. It was a very smooth procedure more than I expected because after treating the left side of my face, I was handed a mirror to show the results right away.


If not too much exaggeration, I was blown away.

Rodmagaru for SKin101

It felt like my face had its throw back in the years where it has full of volume. Both Dr. Oliver and Dr. Jennie treated & smoothened everything like its a walk in the park.

After fillers on my lower eyes and jaws, Dr. Oliver put Xeomin on my forehead which is one of my major concern. I want all the fine lines gone. Oh by way, I can feel the injection because compare to Belotero fillers, Xeomin doesn’t have Lidocaine (Anesthesia) but all in all, the injection was manageable.

In less than 90 minutes, the overall procedure is done and all I can say is that the fillers worked wonderfully right after the treatment. Here is the before and after, although it looks better on video (which I am determined to show through a narrative vlog as well).


Before I left the clinic like an ordinary day, (as it really was), they advise me not to involve myself with strenuous activity, heat exposure or drinking alcoholic beverages for a day. I cannot emphasize how satisfied I am with the treatment and I encourage everyone who are planning to improve volumes and remove fine lines in their face to avail this at Skin 101 for better results. Here I am with Dr. Oliver Diaz and Dr. Jennie Francisco-Diaz.

Rodmagaru for SKin101

After a week, here I am confidently showing great results. I feel like I have a healthy skin everyday and the obvious fine lines are gone on my forehead compared before that I really have to wash it through photo filters. It definitely improved something.

Rodmagaru for SKin101

By the way, after this treatment, I finally get to use the #MyselfApp, the first-ever loyalty rewards program app in the country where anyone can book appointments with the top aesthetic clinics such as Skin 101. The app also allows me to discover what else to enhance and explore beauty. I personally like the before and after look using the app and more importantly earn rewards points on your next treatment. I guessed I already started my serendipity journey!


Fast Forward to today, December 17, 2020, all I can say is that I am very happy with the results.

Rodmagaru for SKin101

I still have plans to improve myself. And I am super willing to undergo procedures in the future. Be it eye bag surgery, nose lift and major teeth overhaul I am very open to do it. I realized that the first thing to this journey is to accept that there is something that needs to improve. And it is ok to seek help and invest to a better us.

We owe it to ourselves to make us look good. Because when we look good, we feel good. And when feel good, we do good. And when we do good, we make this world a better place. (Ok I have to stop there haha). Thank you to Skin101 clinic, Dr. Jennie Diaz, Dr. Oliver Diaz for taking care of me. Special thanks to Leigh Angeles and Nicholai for warm assistance.


Of course aside from Anti-Wrinkle and Dermal Fillers, Skin101 also offers a lot of treatments to address your skin and body concerns, performed by well-trained and board-certified doctors and dermatologists. For more information and booking inquiries, you may check Skin101 social media accounts on IG @skin101_PH and FB Page Skin101.








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