(APP) Digital Bayanihan In Communities Now More Empowered with SHAREA App

As Filipinos continue to navigate life during a pandemic, they need reliable information to help them decide on things that have impact on their day-to-day lives. Ready to help them sort through the usual clutter of data online while also connecting with their community is the newly launched information exchange and public service app Sharea.

A combination of the words “share” and “area,” Sharea empowers users with reliable and hyperlocal information about things that matter to them from government announcements, work opportunities, and events that are customized based on their chosen location or area.

This means a person living in a certain Barangay or city will only see information that’s relevant to his or her community. This is especially helpful nowadays as people are advised to stay indoors and are unable to interact with the people in their area face to face. 

The heart of Sharea is the concept of digital Bayanihan, where people can help one another make sound and safe decisions and overcome daily struggles through exchanging relevant and verified information online. In the app, users can find and share ‘Barangay-level information’ that do not usually make big headlines such as job postings or side hustles, water or power interruptions, list of Bayad centers, clinics that provide vaccinations, flooded streets, and more.   

With an objective of building stronger and closer communities in the Philippines, Sharea has three key features: a Bulletin Board where users can find information classified into health, jobs, deals, transport, ganaps (leisure), and alisto (alerts); a Community Wall where users can share tips, deals, or make inquiries; and Messaging, which allows users to interact and connect with other members in the community. Users are assured that information found on the app are verified or coming from official and legitimate sources, preventing misinformation and the spread of fake news.  

For now, information posted in the Bulletin Board covers mainly Marikina, Quezon City, and select cities in Metro Manila, but many users have started their communities already in various areas. With increasing posts from users, Sharea hopes to build this info-sharing culture among Filipinos across the country. Users have praised the app for the helpful and hyperlocal information it provides that keep them updated about the happenings in their communities.

Download the Beta version of Sharea on the Google Playstore for free at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.abscbn.kappFor more details, follow and like Sharea on Facebook (fb.com/Sharea.ph).











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