Inquirer, With Globe Telecom Hosted Mental Health Webinar Entitled #StartANewDay

Being an online person can both be interesting and engrossing. While we keep our sane to this new normal, we can’t help but to check what’s happening in the world online. Good thing that aside from the learning modules I’ve been trying to accomplish online like management courses, leadership and social media strategies, there are couple of interesting talks and webinars online.
One of those online seminars is the webinar organized by Philippine Daily Inquirer in Partnership with Globe Telecom. It is a INQlusive webinar that talks about Mental health. They call it #StartANewDay: Mental Health Insights for Millennials and Gen Z and I was happy to catch it thru facebook live events. Moderated by Editor Pam Pastor of Inquirer Super, guest speakers include some of my favorite online champions such as Senator Risa Hontiveros, Dr. Gia Sison, Dr. Angela Cuadro, Singer Kiana Valenciano and Roy Dahildahil.

The initiative is very interesting given that Globe has always been providing a safe space for Filipinos. And mental health has always been relevant to discuss. At the start it reminded its viewers about HOPE BANK. Globe’s initiative to create a platform for people with mental health illness seeking help and support. It is empowering channel that everyone should join.

Senator Risa Hontiveros, opened with a very powerful statements about the topic. I remember one of the best news last 2018 was when she announced that Philippine Government passed the Philippine Mental Health Law or (RA 11036).Inquirer, Globe Champion Mental Health Webinar Entitled #StartANewDay

Kiana Valenciano, a certified it-girl and one of today’s most exciting and most successful Millennial performing and recording artists, who is now an active advocate of the initiative shares her struggles about Mental health –depression and anxiety to be specific.

“My battle with depression started at a very young age. A short amount of silence would somehow lead me to tears. at one point I even dropped out of school. It was just very overwhelming and I couldn’t get myself to do that. I was good at masking it then and If I’m being good at masking it now. That’s the thing about mental health. There’s no ON and OFF switch. The moment you avoid taking care of yourself, you will start to deteriorate. Back then this was not a topic that you could openly discuss.”

According to the survey, there has been an increase in the number of Millennials and Gen Z experiencing anxiety and depression. Dr. Gia Sison hopes that there will be more mental health advocates and avenues to talk about this issue. On the other hand, Dr. Cuadro also glad that there are more millennials and Gen Z talking and opening about it.

Inquirer, Globe Champion Mental Health Webinar Entitled #StartANewDay


Roy Dahildahil who co-founded and lead #MentalHealthPH shares that they’re also including digital literacy in the advocacy including the proper use of social media. He enumerated basic questions to answer as guide:

  • What content are you sharing and what content are you consuming?
  • How you are sharing content, does that help you or does it help other people?
  • Why are you using social media. Is it to express, connect, inspire or get information?

If the answers above don’t help you with your mental health, you must take some time off in social media. Just know how it is effects you and take note of the positive use of the social media. What a very helpful insight.

The conversation tackled different aspects such as staying with your family, being at home for quite sometime, even shifting the Millennials and Gen Z workforce into a new normal: “work from home” setup.

Inquirer, Globe Champion Mental Health Webinar Entitled #StartANewDay



Too many talking points and tips were laid this afternoon and very glad to have joined and spent time listening to them. I will just try my best to enumerate what I captured on my notes.

  • Take it one day at a time.
  • Celebrate small wins.
  • Have the unwillingness to be uncomfortable together.
  • Gain awareness about what your friends are going through.
  • Let love ones love you.

The reason why this topic interests me is that I have always been engaging in a lot of conversation online and I feel that it is very important for me to get views from experts such as them so that it can guide me on what and not to say. I believe It pays to be responsible social media content provider.

For my personal understanding, it is important that we stay busy or occupied especially when we are disturbed or anxious. Lucky for me, my work covers always being online as I need to update myself on pop culture, and also to look for interesting stories to share on my blog and vlog. Sometimes, to keep my sanity, I watch funny and inspiring films, binge-watch feel-good series, and most of time, spending afternoons laughing in each episodes of FRIENDS. Other than that, I always make sure I participate in group chats with friends to talk anything about life. Simple and I know that while these are just small stuff but make a huge difference in making me feel that I have outlet and command about my well being.

Rod Magaru

So I encourage everyone to listen, to not judge and we might not know what others are going through so, even if we don’t understand, just be there. And that is how we must always start a new day!


Thank you Globe and Inquirer for an insightful afternoon!








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