Why You Should Stick To Your Childhood Dreams. #TalaDreams

Let me tell you a story about a boy who dreamed of becoming a successful corporate lead.

He came from a small family where going to school is the only option to make that dream a reality. Together with his brother back in elementary years, they can only get new clothes or shoes on two occasions: Christmas and recognition day. If not for their consistencies as honor students, many would have thought that will just like an ordinary kids playing around. But this boy has a dream. In fact, it has always been the reason why he persevere in class.

Come highschool his mother enrolled him to a private school given the scholarship that comes with his academic excellence. But life gets harder to them. Everyday, it has always been a challenge for this boy to go to school. Most of the time, there’s no money for allowance. Only small lunchbox with a fried slice of pork chops for lunch. Sometimes, his mother will ask for a loan to finance his projects or school books and other miscellaneous. It was hard for him to be compared with his rich classmates in that private school. But he ignored all of those. He consistently ranked in quiz bees, competitions, annually bringing pride to his school. And despite the struggle to get new shoes, or even buy himself new polos, he finished class salutatorian of his batch.

He then went to a University in Manila with all that hopes and dreams. After graduation, he made it to the corporate ladder he has been imagining working with. Today, he is now a Regional Manager working for a US Based NGO helping countries worldwide that needs help in terms of shelter, food and humanitarian aid.

This boy achieved his dreams because this boy believe everything is possible. This boy didn’t fail his parents. This boy faced all the challenges just to reach that goal. This boy can now buy new shoes, travel the world, even brought his parents a brand new home.

That boy was me.


Two years ago, I got invited by my high school alma mater to become their commencement exercise guest speaker. I didn’t hesitate. I said yes because it brought me back to where it all happened. I was excited.

To be honest, I was not really keen on sharing that part of my childhood to blogs. I was actually preparing that story on maybe a book or something in the future (as I said, a boy can dream). But I cant help but share this because If I remember weeks ago, I saw my friend Pehpot Pineda with her son enjoying a photobooth in a mall where a certain event was held. It took me sometime to realize that I remember myself in them. Only that we don’t usually go malling way back then.

Tala Philippines Loan

What I’m trying to say is that, today as we live in the world where everything is accessible and possible through internet, one can simply lay down their dreams and work on it. For sure you have your childhood dreams and you should not let go of that even if there are financial issues involve along the way. Because today is the better way to reach out. Some financial institutions nowadays are ready to lend their help. Tala, for instance is now ready to provide people access to money they need using nothing but their android phones. For starters, Tala is a loaning app based in California. It’s been gaining popularity locally in fact, I have been hearing Tala from time to time.

Tala Philippines Loan

Recently, Tala Philippines hold its pop-up event called #TalaDreams at Robinsons Galleria to reach more people and help them understand about the services. In fact there are areas there where one can write their dreams or even that vacation they aspire to experience.

Tala Philippines Loan




Tala has been consistently promoting this system of radical trust among the Filipino households and I can say that I can count on Tala when I need it as a partner in achieving my goals in life. So for you who are weary and thinking of giving up just because you think no one is there to help you, think again. Tala is here to stay.

Tala Philippines Loan

Tala Philippines Loan

Tala Philippines

To learn more about Tala, check out Tala on Facebook and or download the APP on this LINK.





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