(MOVIE) 6 Unforgettable Movie Lines from The Restored Classic of ABSCBN, “KARMA”

Thirty eight years before “Halik,” stories of complicated love affairs delivered in sassy and memorable lines have already been featured in popular culture, such as in the movie “Karma.

Helmed by Danny Zialcita, the film, starring Vilma Santos and Ronaldo Valdez as illicit lovers whose souls always find a way to be together, tackles these same complex themes, which lead to a deadly conflict.

Known for his movies’ campy and snappy dialogue, which can be called ‘hugot’ in our time, Zialcita didn’t fail to include his signature in “Karma.” So here are six unforgettable lines from the movie, which can be seen this Sunday (February 3) on ABS-CBN’s “Sunday’s Best.”


  1. Enrico, played by a young Dante Rivero, utters these words as the husband of his lover comes to their love nest to end their lives.

ENRICO (DANTE RIVERO): Bala lang ‘yan. Katawan lang ito. Babalik at babalik din kami sa mundong ito.

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/LCh_4zNkvnI



  1. The reincarnated Enrico, Eric, now played by Ronaldo Valdez, tries to woo the reincarnation of his gypsy lover Guada, now Sara and played by the Star for all Seasons, Vilma Santos.

ERIC (RONALDO VALDEZ): To what we had in the past that we hope to have today.

SARA (VILMA SANTOS): To what we will never have.

ERIC (RONALDO VALDEZ): Huwag mo sabihing never. Napakatagal nun. Never is a long, long time.

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/i7HLMjQ2MHU



  1. Sara wasn’t able to fend off destiny for too long and fell in love with Eric. However, being a married woman, she was followed with feelings of guilt.


SARA (VILMA SANTOS): …I’m feeling good pero alam kong mali. Mali pa rin ito.

ERIC (RONALDO VALDEZ): When you’re feeling good, hindi ka maaaring magkamali.

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/sIzi0t-I1D8



  1. But Eric is prepared with wise words to comfort his lover.

ERIC (RONALDO VALDEZ): ‘Yan ba ang gusto mo?

SARA (VILMA SANTOS): Iyon ang tama.

ERIC (RONALDO VALDEZ): Hindi lahat ng tama, hindi mali. Ang tama ngayon, mali bukas.

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/UN1BBxCEr6o



  1. The two then profess their undying—literally, since they just keep getting reincarnated—love for each other.

ERIC (RONALDO VALDEZ): Sara, when will you stop loving me?

SARA (VILMA SANTOS): A day after you stop loving me and not a day more.

ERIC (RONALDO VALDEZ): That will be a day after forever.

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/f3WZhMEj4IU



  1. Eric seals the deal by uttering a promise of fidelity and commitment to his soulmate.

ERIC (RONALDO VALDEZ): Bakit kailangan ang araw ay bumaba, magtago sa gabi at mawala? Bakit kailangang matapos ang lahat? Kung ako lang ang masusunod, wala tayong katapusan. Walang iba para sa iyo. Ako lang, for all times.

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/vD56ZX0fTNA


Want more? Then watch the digitally restored and remastered “Karma” this February 3 on ABS-CBN’s “Sunday’s Best.”

Digitally restored and remastered classic Filipino movies are also available on iWant and iTunes.

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