(ART) Nadine Ibay Officially Open NMI Gallery in Antipolo

It’s been awhile since I visited an exhibit. The last time was the one in Powerplant mall where winners of certain painting competition were showcased and it was a week of showing the rich culture of the Archipelago thru student’s canvass. This month I got lucky to have visited on of the talented young painter, Nadine Ibay.

At 21, Nadine decided to channel her inner ramblings and feelings into a canvass which she showcases in her very own art gallery. This is how this young gal of Antipolo, makes a bigger statement.

Glad to have attended Nadine’s exhibit as she officially opened NMI gallery to the public to showcase some of her best works. Here is Nadine during our visit at NMI Gallery.

Apart from showing her soul through this little home of her art, this gallery is also symbolic of the young and vibrant soul that this woman possess. At a very young age, her family has seen her talent and decided to bank on it, hone it, so she can someday enjoy this passion for her own self-expression. Her ideas are often captured on canvass through paint, with a splash of color that adds flavor and inspiration to and white space. As you look at the paintings it’ll be obvious how the artist extends a bit of herself on her brush to make an abstract creation worlds of reality.

Here are some of her works which I think will match and perfect for my new house! The materials she used includes acrylic and spray paints, mineral pigments, gold leafs and textured canvasses to add to the flavor of creativity of each piece.

I am not sure If I shared something about my old hobby but I used to join poster making contests back in highschool (and even win multiple times haha) That is why I was really excited when I was invited to join a painting exhibit to see new perspective, particularly of Nadine’s vision.

While today’s young generation is good at expressing themselves through more accessible platforms such as social media, individuals like Nadine Ibay are born in order to break the norm. It is young talents like her that provides depth and meaning to a generation that’s sometimes carried away by the superficial. Her effort to open this new gallery is in itself a great trend-twist.

My friend Earth Rullan and her loves Marcus appreciating Nadine’s work. 

Thank you Nadine for having me!

The exhibit would not have been possible without the generous help of the following sponsors: E.M Cuerpo, Davies, Columbus, Digee, R.R Encabo, GEO, DVF, Hillmarc, Bostik and 5599 Marketing. Nadine feels so grateful for all the support these sponsors have given her.

 To experience her work, you may visit https://www.facebook.com/nmiartgallery/ or www.nmiart.com 

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