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For those of you who didn’t know me before this whole blogging stuff, I was a fictional writer in school. I did a couple of scripts and short stories submitted for competition. And to be honest I thought I will be a full time creative writer working behind the big screens. But don’t expect too much haha! It was a lovely passion back then until I realized a business degree is a family thing. But hey thanks to the evolution of sharing stories today. We have now the online platform and voila, we are here!

Speaking of writing, I glanced at one of the most comprehensive literature platform online. While I am hosting a different venue to write my fiction, I discover WEBNOVEL, a global fictional stories hub. A comprehensive platform committed to the global dissemination of web novels, bringing more value to authors worldwide and delivering high-quality web novels and excellent reading experience to global readers.

As we are all into Asian series, Webnovel is indeed drawing its own audience. Officially launched in 2017 as an overseas portal of China Literature, WEBNOVEL is China’s largest online literature platform.

For a fiction enthusiast like me, it is indeed a great venue to exchange and share contents particularly Asian literature that is growing in all of us. To give you a short background about Webnovel as the leading authorized digital reading platform and literature intellectual property (IP) incubator, China Literature has reserved more than 10 million digital works, hosted 7.3 million authors. Those Chinese TV dramas on the air in the Philippines, such as Fighter of the Destiny, Martial Universe and The Rise of Phoenixes are all intellectual property belonging to China Literature.

The novels on Webnovel are constantly updated, with many free chapters. Readers support their favorite authors and translators in various ways, while the active readers spend over 1.5 reading hours daily, and with their encouragement, the authors and translators get further motivated to be more productive and to deliver better works. 

Webnovel offers users an interesting and diversified interactive community service, where they can easily understand diversified culture by following updates, posting comments, learning the culture behind a work.  Meanwhile, they can share their reading and writing experiences and have fun.

Up to now, the total number of unique visitors has exceeded 20 million. It has more than 200 individual translators and groups, and over 5,000 original authors. About 200 English translations of web novel works and over 9,000 original English works have been published on Webnovel.

Webnovel’s homepage

(Webnovel’s homepage)

Incentive System for Authors

Authors can create their own story on Webnovel and the Webnovel’s editorial team will provide professional writing skills to authors. The excellent royalty payment and Contracted Works Guarantee systems will ensure the authors’ earnings.

Webnovel has millions of loyal users. With various platforms such as the app, mobile website, and desktop website, all works will gain immense exposure. In addition, authors will also have the chance to participate in the commercialization of their works. They can bring their characters and stories beyond the pages.

At the present time, more than a dozen categories are available to readers, including fantasy and romance , etc . More and more works are constantly being created.

Rich content and categories created by authors

(Rich content and categories created by authors)

 Webnovel in The Philippines

With the popularization of digital reading, Webnovel is growing rapidly, adopting a diversified business model. Now, it’s on top of e-book reading apps ranking of Google Play.

Fantasy and romance novels on Webnovel are extremely popular in the Philippines. As of November, 2018, 30% of Webnovel’s global readers are Filipino readers. Nearly thousands of local authors are creating their stories on Webnovel too.  Anjeeriku’s PS I’m (not) Over You and Lynerparel’s Adopted Soldier are among top titles of them.

Currently, some of the Filipino authors can earn more than one thousand US dollar a month on Webnovel. Their income will rise along with their continuous updates and growing fan base.

There will also be novels written in the local language on Webnovel in near future. Hard-copy books will also be published by local industry partners in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, Webnovel hosted its first-ever fan meeting in Manila to discuss the creation and translation of Webnovel narratives to Filipino fans and authors last November 24, 2018. I wish I am as active as before but I would love to meet these bunch as well soon!

Webnovel’s Fan Meeting in Manila

(Webnovel’s Fan Meeting in Manila)

Download Webnovel app on Android and iOS. For inquiries about Webnovel, visit its website or its Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Website: www.webnovel.com

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