(TELEVISION) 5 times MAYWARD Gave Us the Kilig Feels in “LOVING IN TANDEM”

The hit loveteam of Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber is back on KBO as it brings the debut film of the two, “Loving In Tandem,” this weekend.


But before you watch it, let us look back on the times they charmed their way into our hearts:


  1. The first time Shine saw Luke in church

As Shine (Maymay) was praying for her the one, she suddenly saw Luke (Edward) entering the church. A sparkle was clearly in Maymay’s eyes that made us think she experienced love at first sight.


  1. When Shine was being robbed and Luke came to the rescue


Who doesn’t feel kilig when you see a guy acting like a knight in shining armour? That is what MayWard fans felt when Luke saved Shine from the robber.


  1. The scene where Luke caught Shine taking a picture of him

Let’s admit it, almost all of us had their experiences in taking a stolen shot of our crushes. So when Shine got caught, we could relate to her.


  1. That moment when Luke butt into a conversation between Shine and her other friends

As Shine was talking to Jayzel (Kisses Delavin) and Tope (Marco Gallo) humorously asking them if it was coffee, tea, or her that they wanted, Luke suddenly joined the chat and said that it was her that he would like to have. Surely fans were hopeful that this scene would also happen in real life.


  1. When Luke screamed “Jowa” in front of the whole barangay.

Even if Luke knew a different meaning of the word ”jowa,” fans did not stop screaming as he unintentionally proclaimed that Shine is his girlfriend.


Relive the kilig feels this weekend with “Loving In Tandem” this Saturday (June 30) and Sunday (July 1) together with the TV premiere of “My Amnesia Love” and “Kasunduan.” Joining the line-up also is “Last Night” and “A Very Special Love.”


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