(TIPS) How to work out your English

Description: A few recommendations how to prepare your mentality for learning and using English

Working out is useful

It is common knowledge that working out betters you. Your muscles become bigger and stronger, your heart becomes lasting, your lungs become stronger, and your whole body becomes healthier. Moreover, when you work out in the gym, somewhere outside or at home, your body gets more oxygen that influences positively your brain. Usually, when you work out your body, you change it to get the body you want to have. You can do the same with your mind. By learning a new language, you change your mind’s structure. As well as with your physical condition, you also have a purpose, and you are working out to achieve that. In both cases, the length of the way to that purpose depends on how hard do you work and what base do you have.

The structure of working out your English

As any other work out, there are three cornerstones known as RWN. What stands behind this acronym?

The first letter means the rest. When you work out, you need enough rest unless your muscles will not grow and strengthen. The same with English learning. You have to take the breaks every twenty-thirty minutes to give your brain an opportunity to restore itself, to swallow the information you have just studied. It is also useful to take the time out once in a while. Stop learning English, stop writing papers, reading books, mastering grammar rules. Just go out and try to use language practically.

W means work out. If usually “work out” means to exercise, in this case, it is about the lessons. Every time you start learning any lesson, you start your work out. You have to focus on that, work hard, and be active to get the result. If you ignore those rules, you will just waste your time and money.

To succeed in your working out, you have to remember about three very important elements. First, the intensity that means how hard you work. In learning English, it is about your activity during lessons. Do you make notes, create examples, response, ask for writing help service like https://customwritingbee.com/

or you just listen passively? You have to be as active as possible if you want to better your English. The next one is a duration that determines how long you do. If you exercise five minutes per day you will go to your purpose for a very long time. The final one is a workload that shows how much you do. Do you work on different skills like listening, reading, learning grammar rules, writing essay, widen vocabulary or you just learn five words each day?

In any workout, we should have the program – the schedule, the weights, and the pace to get our purpose. In working out your English, it is a plan of learning that includes time, tasks, kinds of practice etc. To create the best program of learning, you have to be consistent; you have to remember about reviewing; you have to correct your mistakes. The good program will help you to learn faster and will make your English stronger.

The last letter means the nutrition. As a rule, the better food you eat the better results you get. In learning work out it is about the information you use for studying. Make sure that you learn different types of English, like social and academic, and choose the trustful sources for studying. Another point is – learn what you like. Do not force yourself to master thesis writing if you like books better. In addition, you have to use what you have learned to get feedback and correct mistakes you make.

Remember, any work out has the limits. Do not overload yourself, as it will negatively affect your results.

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