(STORY) Signs that a Girl Likes You Through Texting

An acquaintance in the network and a subsequent relationship is widespread phenomenon nowadays. It’s pretty easy to understand whether somebody likes you in real life, but it’s quite difficult to do through text. It’s not always possible to understand what’s going on in a woman’s head. Maybe it seems that she is very polite with you, asks questions, but doubts about her sympathy don’t go away. If you have elementary observation skills and are able to analyze the received information, you can easily identify the true intentions of a young lady. Let’s consider the main signs that a girl likes you through texting.

She writes you first

If a girl starts a dialogue right after you have appeared on the social network, then she wants to communicate with you as long as possible. There is no doubt in such situations that she waits for your “online” status.

She maintains every conversation

How to tell if a girl likes you through text? An interested young woman will always maintain a conversation. She will come up with 1000 and 1 question. Note whether a girl is interested in your affairs, whether she asks how your day went, how your parents, friends, pets are, etc. Leading questions help a young woman to keep you closer to herself.

She asks personal questions

A girl in love will not answer the questions unambiguously. She will try to tell something about herself and find out more about you. If a girl is interested in your personal life, then she is on the hook. The speech of the interested young person is maximally constructed, and the answers are detailed. Long messages with personal information about herself are the signs of a girl liking you through texting.

She texts you every day

If a girl sees a guy for further relationships, she may write him every day. It is not necessary to lead intimate conversations for hours, even the banal “Hello, how is your day?” will become a clear sign of love. In addition, a woman tracks the last visits of the man of her heart in the network and view his photos very often.

She asks for advice

In most cases, when a girl doesn’t like a guy she becomes not very talkative. All conversations are reduced to jokes or communication on general topics (work, hobbies, travel, etc.). However, if a girl asks for your advice or help, she shows confidence in this way. In addition to the fact that a young lady respects her companion, she also appreciates his opinion.

She doesn’t hurry to say goodbye

A girl who is interested in a guy may continue a conversation by any possible means. She will start asking many questions, send different pictures, don’t answer your “goodbyes”. When a young girl still decides to let you go to sleep (work, study), she will write the longest massage. In case when a lady writes “Come on!”, “Bye!” or doesn’t answer anything at all, then you are not interesting for her.

She shows interest in details

How to know if a girl likes you through texting? You need to pay attention to leading questions. An interested girl will notice all the changes in the appearance of her passion. She will also ask in what city a picture or a video is taken. The increased curiosity is noticed only among the enamored girls. They are not indifferent to their loves’ lives.

She tries to take your correspondence to the new level

If you got acquainted with a girl no more than 2 days ago, then skip this step. This information is for guys who communicate with girls through the Internet for longer than a week. The intensity and depth of conversations are things that may say about sympathy. If you think that conversations are getting longer and more interesting, then a girl is interested in you. Communicate with her for another 10 days and retest.

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