(LIFESTYLE) Remembering The Return of my 20/20 Vision Through LASIK

Five years ago this quarter of 2017, an opportunity knocked at my doorstep. It was not the usual chances in my career life but a once in a lifetime break from seeing the world differently. If you have met me a decade earlier you would have seen me wearing weirdest eye glasses or unimaginable style in celebrity conferences and events. But that ended positively because five years ago, I had my vision back at 20/20.


I remember I received an email back in 2012, an inquiry from an Aesthetic Center about a possible project and believed to be the one of the bloggers who got shortlisted on something I have no idea of. After a few days, I got a call from Shinagawa LASIK and Aesthetic Center that they are interested to partner with me for a possible campaign. I was so excited to know that they are going to consider me for an Advanced LASIK Surgery. I was speechless because ever since I graduated in college I was planning on having a LASIK operation.


I was a bookish back in school days. I spent enormous time in a moving vehicle just to finish a chapter or solve an algebraic expression (yes I am that weird in school). I actually have a choice and well aware of the ugly truth of pushing our eyes to the limit but I was a very active in curricular back in college so imagine what else is left for me to study Accountancy, at the comforts of a moving vehicle, nightly.

In 2012, my eye grade jumped to 375/350. A sight that if you’re watching a television, it is very impossible to know if a celebrity with multiple plastic surgeries is either smiling or crying LOL.

Jump to the possible procedure, Shinagawa LASIK and Aesthetic Center summoned me to do some tests first to check whether my eyes qualify for this kind of procedure. I was wearing contact lenses that time so I had to go back again because I have to rest my eyes from wearing glasses or lenses for them to fully measure the actual eye condition. It was a very rigorous series of tests and glad that after a while, I finally got a schedule.

I was not afraid to do it that time because the Advanced Surgery, as Shinagawa said will last for less than 15 minutes. They are the few ones (and up until now) who can still deliver in terms of these kind of surgeries. But what funny is that, the reason I had my hesitation to do it, is that the fifth installment of the film, Final Destination just released and it showed a very tragic laser operation hahaha. Imagine my paranoia for days.

When it was my time for surgery, Mom accompanied me to Shinagawa LASIK and Aesthetic Center office in Enterprise Building. From there I saw another blogger friend Ruth Floresca who also shortlisted to have the LASIK. Was very happy to know that someone will also do that because the stigma of the movie is running around my mind.

From there I met Dr Jaime Dinglasan, an ophthalmologist. He is one of the pioneers of refractive laser surgery and who has already performed more than 15,000 LASIK procedures since 1995.

Special Thanks to my friend Ruth and Noy Floresca for capturing these happy times of my life.

There were couple of instructions before the procedure and one of the nurses dropped an anesthetic on my eyes. Then we went to a first room where Intralase machine is. This equipment is the one with a lasers and will treat your eye by cutting a small portion of our cornea. The next room. Then we head on to the room where another machine is located, the Excimer laser equipment. It is the final touch of the procedure to fully correct my 375/350 vision.

It was roughly less than 10 minutes. I remember receiving antibiotic and steroids and eye drops that I can use strictly for a week.

Mom accompanied me til we get home and after few hours, I can feel my eyes so what I did was to just close and rest them. Believe it or not, the next morning I cannot believe that it is really true. I can see clearly and can even read small calendar fonts from the house.

After couple of days, I went back to Shinagawa LASIK and Aesthetic Center to have my eye checked and I actually got my vision back, not only 20/20 but a clearer 20/14 vision. Just like the eyes of an infant. I am very glad to have tried the procedure and very happy and grateful with Shinagawa.

If you are planning to have your eyes for a possible LASIK procedure, do not hesitate to visit Shinagawa LASIK and Aesthetic Center because they are very accommodating. I highly recommended their very modern procedure. You can visit them at Mezzanine, Tower 2, The Enterprise Center, 6766 Ayala Ave. cor. Paseo de Roxas,, Makati. Check their website here at http://shinagawa.ph/ or call (+632) 491 0000 | (+63) 917 572 4684. I have heard they now have Ortigas Branch where you can visit them at 21st Floor, Hanston Square Bldg.,#17 San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

Up to now, 2017 my eyes still in 20/20 vision. I am happy. Very happy.

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