(MOVIE) 14 SKRENGGE Things Happened in Star Cinema’s Upcoming ‘Loving In Tandem’

The trailer is out! And netizens went SKRENGGE (Word gets famous by the fans) over the kilig effect of the 100-second trailer of the upcoming ‘LOVING IN TANDEM’ starring Maymay Entrata, Edward Barber, Kisses Delavin and Marco Gall. In this trailer, only the story of Luke (Edward) and Shingle, I mean shine (Maymay) is revealed. Will wait for the Kisses and Marco story but for now, lets take a look at what happened in this short but much awaited trailer:

  1. There is a church. Baclaran Church to be specific. They use the Church card here! Knowing Pinoy to be very religious regardless of the group they belong, I am sure this movie will be loved by it’s target audience.

2. Ask and you shall find. Maymay Entrata plays a teenager who prayed too much. Will she get the answer she’s waiting? “Not too fast.” Says ate beside her.

3. Oh wait Lord of the rings! Answered Prayer in a matter of seconds. God must have spent, a little more time on her!

4. Is Edward Barber the next Edward Cullen? His denim casual is an eye candy. I put a check on the production’s wardrobe and stylist!

5. This is the look when your crush pass you by but you remember there’s sinaing waiting for you at home and you ran out of money to buy for candles, but it is okay because God already answered you prayer anyway.

6. When your collar bone has its own life so you wait for your knight in shining armor to flaunt it because that might be the signal for the Moon in La Luna Sangre to appear. (Of course you combed your hair 100 times so when you fall, it will follow.)

7. TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE. This happens very rare in our lifetime. Watch how a total solar eclipse happened on you and all you have to do is stare regardless if whether you’ll get hurt by it. You stare anyway.

And then you met.

8. And then you realize maybe you’re hoping too much or everything is too good to be true. You eat an Eng-Bee-Tin like you’ve never tasted it, in one go. It is similar as trying to laklak the katotohanan to check if you’ll choke or not.

9. And here is your lovely beshiecake always there to remind you that “hey gurl, use Palmolive shampoo as well.” Kisses is very refreshing in here. I can’t wait for your story!

10. So when you finally decided to pursue what you want to do in life. You dress up in yellow because yellow is the color of joy. A Mild blush on and a slow motion while hoping the ball don’t get to your way.

11. And then suddenly you saw him, looking at the same direction. Confuse whether she saw an angel or missing your collar bone but making sure his bangs will remain calm.

12. And then days went by and your friends started to notice that closeness. They begin to ask if you guys are a couple or not, or maybe more than that like (JOWA) JOKE LANG, KAMI TALAGA.

13. And then here comes the memo from Malacanang palace announcing that you are his JOWA. Ok . THE END. NANALO KANA eh. Ako single pa din.

Oh by the way, before you speculate how that 100-second trailer goes, here is STAR CINEMA’s LOVING IN TANDEM Trailer:

The movie is directed by Giselle Andres. Giselle has been known for her work as assistant director in some of the popular movies and series of ABSCBN such as Four Sisters And A Wedding, Past Tense, The Mistress, The Reunion and couple of Maalaala Mo Kaya episodes.

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