After more than 230 days of nonstop Big Brother talks in Philippine Television, Big Brother finally come to announce his BIG WINNER tonight, March 5, 2017. It was a roller coaster ride between regular, celebrity and teen housemates to prove oneself, to show real personality and fight for what they want. Pinoy Big Brother remains one of the highest rating reality shows in the Philippines.

Pinoy Big Brother” has mirrored the hopes, plight, and aspirations of Filipinos through its diverse mix of housemates. Big Brother formulates tasks and challenges for the housemates to bring out their best, test their strengths, and foster camaraderie as they undergo a transformative journey inside the house.

Lets take a look at the amazing journey of Pinoy Big Brother and the 13 BIG WINNERS from 2005 to present:

As announced during the live show, the 4th LUCKY BIG PLACER, garnering a total of 4.49% of votes, The “Cheerful Charmer of Germany Edward Barber! He showed his pusong Pinoy in all the challenges given to him by Big Brother. He even gave up his lucky star spot for his co-housemates, which earned him so much respect from viewers.


The 3rd LUCKY BIG PLACER is Yong Mujahil. He garnered a total of 21.52%. Yong kept his eye on the goal for the sake of his mother and 16 siblings. Despite coming from an impoverished family, the “Pag-a-Son ng Zamboanga” shared with everyone his contagious optimism and determination when it comes to facing various tasks.

The SECOND LUCKY BIG PLACER is the “Miracle Daughter of Masbate” Kisses, (31.27%) She learned how to open up her heart to different people and the life struggles of her fellow housemates. She learned to be more confident and confronted her weaknesses by challenging herself in many tasks.

And finally our BIG WINNER, “Ms. Wacky Go Lucky of CDO” Maymay Entrata garnering a total of 42.71% of votes! She was chosen by the celebrity housemates to be one of the official teen housemates this season, immediately captured the hearts of many with her natural charm and humor. During her stay, she shared her pains of not having a father while growing up.

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