(NEW YEAR) 7 New Year Resolutions Every Filipino Must Do in 2017

2016 was one hell of a roller-coaster ride! PRRD got elected, Bowie and Snape died, and we’re not even going to talk about bottle-flipping and dabbing. Now that 2017 is ready to turn humanity upside down, it’s time for your annual new-year’s-resolution-that-only-lasts-a-week. Hopefully, this time you will have the determination and strength to set your goals for the year and actually do them (you can do it!).

Being part of the ningas kugon culture, we Filipinos start off our new year’s resolution strong and determined, but after one week, we fail and slack off. Make 2017 count and start your new year right with these seven new year’s resolutions that every Filipino should do:

Take up a Hobby

Whether you pick up where you left off from last year or simply taking up a new one, a hobby is a great way to spend your time this 2017. If you want to be in shape, ditch that gym membership and explore the great outdoors or even as simple as arts and crafts would be a perfect means to learn something new.

Travel Pa More!

If you’ve been stuck at home all year last year, then 2017 is going to be your year to travel! Start with road trips to nearby towns, then move forward to different regions of the country. Unless you have a sugar daddy, traveling requires a budget so allot a portion of your earnings to your travel expenses. There are tons of tourist spots, beaches, and activities in the Philippines that even pooritas like us can enjoy. Don’t forget to document your adventures!

52-Week Money Challenge

Regardless of how much you earn per month, you should always save up and the best way to do that is the 52-week money challenge. You’ve done the trumpet and mannequin challenge, now it’s time to do challenge that would actually do you good in the future. Courtesy of Rhea Mocorro (Kuripot Pinay), the money challenge has been around since 2014. Compared to traditional saving methods, the 52-week money challenge progresses, requiring you to put more money in your savings. For example, week 1 you start out with 50PHP. By week 2, you would double the amount to 100PHP and so on and so forth until you reach the last week which is week 52. While it would certainly be a challenge, it would be great to know that by the end of the year you would have 130,000PHP in your piggy bank; definitely worth it.

Be Adventurous When it Comes to Food

A new year’s resolution about eating more? It’s unheard of but definitely something you should try, especially for Filipinos who are so wrapped up about Filipino food that they are afraid to try out new flavors. Now that the Philippines is more globalized than ever before, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try out other International flavors. Korean and Japanese foods are really popular in the Philippines so don’t be afraid to try out something other than the food you have for lunch every single day.

Don’t Let Social Media Take Over your Life

Filipinos love social media. It’s the first app that we open when we wake up, and the last one we see before we go to bed. It’s not bad to be on social media, but some information about you or your friends that are not meant to be shared. Avoid posting every 2 minutes on Facebook, keep your relationships private, and avoid sharing old memes which leaves us to the next New Year’s resolution.

Know your Memes

Memes – pronounced as meems (many people are still making this mistake), is like a big inside joke of the Internet. Every now and then, there are new memes coming out from deep and dark corners of the web (usually tumblr, twitter, and sometimes their evil cousin 4chan). Times have changed, netizens are more than just 2009 rage comics or high guy, harambe is so 2016, so keep yourself updated in 2017’s meme-ology.

‘Wag Maging Paasa

Not just in love but also in everything you do. Have something planned for the weekend with your friends? ‘Wag maging paasa at ituloy mo ang plano. Want to do the money challenge? ‘Wag paasa at simulan mo na. Si prof nag-aantay ng project mo? ‘Wag maging paasa at i-submit mo na agad. This 2017, don’t let yourself or others down.

 Staying up all night to watch 2016 goodbye was pretty satisfying for those who had a rough year. While everybody might still be suffering from 2016’s wrath, this year would definitely be your year. It’s week 1 of 2017, what do you have in mind?


This article was written by MJ Mendoza from iPrice Group.

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