(MOVIE REVIEW) Babae Sa Septik Tank Sequel Delivers the Promise of LMAO!

Comedy movies are instant favorites. In fact, when the organizing committee announced the 8 entries for the 42nd Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF), the sequel movie of “Ang Babae Sa Septik Tank” is one of the early favorites.


Ang Babae Sa Septik Tank 2 is a continuation of a story of a film crew trying to create a movie for THE actress Eugene Domingo herself. The plot revolves around discussing the entire plot of the project in a very cozy and relaxing hotel with Eugene Domingo. Lets watch the trailer:

Not a lot of serious substance to this movie, but what was there was terrifically and hilariously entertaining. Eugene Domingo is at her best with every scathing line she delivers. I don’t think you have to love film making to appreciate the humor here.

Again Chris Martinez championed script-writing with its hilarious dialogues while Marlon Rivera successfully rolled the entire story with Eugene Domingo driving the whole comic relief. Eugene Domingo proves that she remains at par with her character from the previous movie to the sequel and gave an stellar performance as a demanding actress.

Its not simply a movie about film making. Its a great movie about planning, power, goals struggles in personal life and about the conflicts that emerge when you have to deal and work with people with different views in order to create a part of the world that is not according to your ideas.

I was hoping that Cai Cortez‘ character sticks to the original one but nevertheless, Khalil Ramos looks good in the camera by just simply portraying his role. Kean Cipriano remains the same.

I liked how Joel Torre and Jericho Rosales colored the entire movie with their presence and ensured the audience of that complete “laugh-your-heart-out” experience. The movie starts with a little dramatic but enough to establish the plot per se.


I expected to be entertained with the movie and I did, but not as amazed as the first installment. But overall, it was one of the funniest Ive seen this year. Rod Magaru rates ANG BABAE SA SEPTIC TANK 2: FOREVER is NOT ENOUGH 8/10.


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