(MOVIE REVIEW) Jun Lana’s “Die Beautiful” Champions Story Telling;

While everyone is raving about the International success of Jun Lana’s Die Beautiful weeks ago, I was patiently waiting til December 25 to come so I can see this. I am a silent fan of Lana’s work and script so I am pouring an extra expectation to Die Beautiful.

Starring Paolo Ballesteros, Die Beautiful is the 5th movie I’ve seen from the eight (8) official entries of the 42nd Metro Manila Film Festival. It tells the story of Trisha/Patrick who died after being crowned in a much coveted gay beauty pageant. When he died, his friends fulfilled his wish to be buried with different famous celebrity faces every single wake night. The movie looked back to the wonderful yet challenging life of Trisha from the hands of his family, up to the struggles of his heart.


Die Beautiful is a masterpiece. While it is true that majority of every gay stories ever written and shared in various platforms are mostly funny anecdotes, this movie will not only give what you want to feel. Instead, it provides you with the kind of experience unknown to many, the plight and dilemma of a happy yet challenging gay life. It involves scenes on social and emotional injustice yet spoil you with a non-stop humor.


Lana championed the story telling by providing relevant flashbacks and character building. It helped the audience understand the impact of how Trisha pulled himself from various challenges. I smiled when I saw a straight guy laughing along with Trisha. That validates Lana’s attempt to be understood. Though I wish there’s another minor gay character that is not totally out or discreet looking because that’s what the current generation has.

I have never seen any acting projects of Paolo Ballesteros in the past and I don’t know if that worked for me reviewing this film but all I can say is that he gave justice to Trisha’s role. He’s natural approach is makes it easier for me to understand him, inside and out (wow!) I trust that he’ll bag the Best Actor Trophy for this.

Die Beautiful is produced by Regal Entertainment, IdeaFirst Company and OctoberTrain Films. Rod Magaru rates DIE BEAUTIFUL: 8/10.

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