(MMFF) Ang Babae Sa Septik Tank 2 Became Festival’s Early Favorite for MMFF

It seems like that as of now, there is an early favorite for the upcoming Metro Manila Film Festival this December. The sequel of what they dubbed as the happiest movie of the year “Ang Babae sa Septik Tank 2: Forever is Not Enough” is making the waves online after MMFF officials announced the TOP 8 entries that will compete on December 25 for both for awards and box office receipts.

Starring Eugene Domingo as herself, Ang Babae sa Septik Tank is a story of film makers and an actress trying to create a movie to get that international awards they were vying to get. Directed by Marlon Rivera and written by Chris Martinez, two of my favorite moviemakers, this sequel is now the most talk about movie for December 25 after Mano Po, Enteng 10 and Super Parental Guardians failed to make it to the list. Based on various posts on social media, the audience are now (and might be) prioritizing the movie to watch on December 25.

The movie is produced by Quantum Films in association with Tuko Film Production, Buchi Boy Films and MJM. Opens December 25.

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