So I went to watch Lamasan’s 12th masterpiece, BARCELONA, A Love Untold. More than a fan of her films from Maalaala Mo Kaya MOVIE, I know this story will roll on a totally different plot since this is tailored for Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo and we all know that Kathniel is about to cross that line from the usual charming pair. I went inside the cinema with an open mind and left the very technical critic in ME to see what this project can offer.


First, I find the movie long and I don’t know if its good or bad yet because there are quite an issues to resolve. However the story telling is very promising that I have to shift from emotional to a very easy to please lad sitting in front of so many people equally entertained during the screening.


To be honest, I set an unbelievable high standard for Daniel and Kathryn and Jesus Christ, they didn’t disappoint me! That intense acting from subtle lines to confrontation scenes are just gift of talent waiting to be seen. Daniel Padilla dropped the bomb with his charming portrayal of Ely. His serious, hardworking character trying to get a life owned by so many is an attestation that he definitely grew up. I can still see him on my mind uttering that line and I believe deserves standing O!


Kathryn Bernardo on the other hand gave brilliance to what seems to be complicated character, totally away from her previous movie project. Wait did I mention I was totally hooked on Mia’s character and not seeing any signs of Kathryn on it? She dropped every tears and tells the audience to feel her pain. She was extraordinary. She was exquisite.


What I didn’t appreciate:
As I have mentioned, some issues are yet to be resolved and I find it confusing in the end. Product placement should be banned in any project dubbed as cinema event, especially for a Lamasan film. But overall, the story, acting and scenes gave birth to what I call masterpiece of 2016. I like to commend Carmi Raymundo’s way of rewriting flashbacks. It is one of her best.

Barcelona is very beautiful and glad to know that they paid attention to structures and landscapes. Not the ideal place to fall in love but an abode to restart a new life.

My takeaways from this movie is to recognize anger and how to manage them inside you. ANGER, won’t give us that ounce of chance to live our life the way should be. And we should not punish ourselves from what happened in the past. It might be hard to forgive ourselves from what we think our fault was, but it doesn’t hurt to realize that trying to prove ourselves is slowly draining and destroying the youth in us.


Also, this movie is not about the much awaited thrills and lip-locking, it went beyond the kiss. Daniel and Kathryn gave something we deserve. A gift of love. A celebration of talent. Lamasan able to pull that from Daniel and Kathryn. It was a legitimate turning point of their acting careers.


Barcelona A Love Untold is Graded B by Cinema Evaluation Board and is now open to almost 300 cinemas Nationwide.Rod Magaru Rates BARCELONA: A LOVE UNTOLD >>> 9/10.

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