(MOVIE REVIEW) Camp Sawi, A Film To Reckon About Reopening The Pain

So I met Camp Sawi, latest offering from Viva Films starring Bella Padilla, Arci Munoz, Yassi Pressman, Andi Eigenmann, Sam Milby and Kim Molina last night on its first day of showing. Initially I thought this was a mini series for Television.

I am actually hesitant to watch depressing movie (Well based from previous titles I have seen). Blame the usual relate-able romantic movies in the past, it haunts me and their boring storylines. But last night, I made an exception. Lets watch this trailer first.

Camp Sawi
tells a story about different individual trying to move on from their past relationships and end up retreating, unwinding in a resort that mends a broken heart. The plot revolves in explaining pain, deep scars from within and facing everyday lives after being miserable, and continue being miserable.

I feel like the movie is eager to reopen our own story and asking us to find ourselves from any of the characters and it somehow succeeded in trying.

The film is nearly two hours long, like a book trying to unfold every single details of its pages. While the story lingers on different stories, it creates an impression that each sides are unique and complicated in its own way. What’s good about this movie is that you don’t have to technically analyze which character to look in terms of billing, who gets more exposure or what story is more important. Director Irene Villamor triumphantly ensured that everything will fall from its own place.

If your past relationships are not compose of meaningful, happy moments, then something is terribly wrong. However, If you think your relationships will complete you, you will get disappointed. That’s what happened to these people.

camp sawi movie summary review

You will then ask yourself that even if that someone is happy when you’re together, the person didn’t chose you. And you want to know why until it breaks you and let you lose your own self asking WHY. I haven’t seen much of Bella’s acting prowess until she proved herself here. Arci Munoz might be a little bit unstable yet pulled a good role. I think I love Andi’s character knowing that in the end, she knows what is right for her, what she deserves and what matters most though she learned her lessons the hard way. Yassi and Kim Molina’s performance are worth noting except that Kim Molina’s character is heavier for me, I felt that pain. THAT PAIN. I don’t know but the movie is giving too much profiling on Sam Milby’s character when he can be just a resort owner with a heart. Pocholo’s line is too much to explain what I wanted to do from my past relationships.

This is the kind of movie I want. No pretentions. No stars. Just a movie trying to tell a story.

camp sawi review

My favorite lines from the movie:

“Balang Araw..”
“Mababaw lang naman ang standards ko. Wala akong ibang gusto, kundi ang mahal ko.”
“Tapos ka na dito eh.. Hindi ka na marupok”
“Kamusta? Okay Ka Lang Ba? Masaya Ka Ba?”
“Parang LOVE lang yan. Walang Safety-ness”
“Sana nilingon ko sya para nakita ko kung umiyak din ba sya.”
“Kapag ang panget nagkarelasyon, blessing yan. Kaya kapag nawala, sobrang sumpa.”

Camp sawi movie review

It is not bad at all to move on at the comforts of Bantayan Islands’ exquisite scene. The movie is full of drone shots of sceneries, even unnecessary takes and will make you think the point of wide angle.

Overall, I liked it. Thank you Direk Irene Emma Villamor from sharing the story of Bela Padilla and Neil Arce.

Rod Magaru rates CAMP SAWI >>> 9/10

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