(LIFESTYLE) Men’s Grooming and Styling Elevated at Watsons Stores #WatsonsMEN

This week, I visited Watsons to buy my regular stuff– err usually boring hygiene items such as shampoo, deodorant, shaver, shaving cream, aftershave, cologne and hairstyling products. For me Watsons is the place to by these necessities so I don’t have much problem looking for something.

Mandated Watsons Men Section 2

Today, I am glad that Watsons realized the evolving need of men in terms of grooming and styling. They managed to answer what men needs, putting everything together in one place.


“The male shopping behavior is such that they don’t go around the store to explore or shop. They directly go to the area where they can get what they want. They want a quick and easy shopping experience,” explains Karen Fabres, Watsons Group Marketing Manager.

Karen Fabres Watsons Group Marketing Manager

I agree with Ms Karen. I personally didn’t bother to check other items in a grocery store. I go where I think my needs are located. So what I did is to go on my usual list, nothing fancy except for the Snickers chocolate I got from the corner.

WatsonsMen015Here is Victor Basa seriously choosing his shaving regimen from Gillette. WatsonsMen007

By the way, as part of its 175th anniversary celebration, Watsons is giving back to its loyal customers by offering discounts of up to 50% on the following grooming essentials: Nivea Men Whitening Acne Oil Control Facial Scrub 50G, Safeguard Men Sports Energy 2 in 1 Hair + Body Wash 400 ML and Gillette Mach 3 with Nano – Thin Blades Razor. The promo runs until June 22.

WatsonsMen001 Asia’s leading health and beauty retailer also carries a wide range of items such as Ponds Men, Axe, Old Spice, Vaseline Men, Master, Adidas, Rexona, Nivea, Safeguard and Gillette. There are also available Watsons Label products stamped with the reliable Watsons name, such as twin and triple blades; extra comfort cotton disposables, five-blade razors with cartridges; men shaving gel; men shaving foam; nose pore strips; deep cleansing facial wash, oil control facial wash; and water gloss hair setting lotion. Here is Gino Quillamor, Victor Basa and AJ Dee for Watsons Men.


Grooming has never been more de rigeur. After all, a well-maintained appearance goes exceeding well with any stylish outfit, be it in the boardroom, Snapchat or Instagram.

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