(TV) What Piolo Pascual Told Boy Abunda in his Fast Talk Session

There’s no stopping for Piolo Pascual and his charm in last nights’ Fast Talk with Boy Abunda as he answered questions that made his fans around the world smile.

piolo pascual

The following are the questions Boy Abunda threw at Piolo. You may want to answer it first before watching the video below to check if you are compatible with him yes?

Taas / Baba?
Malaki / Maliit?
Shower / Tabo o Timba?
Longsleeves / Shortsleeve?
Math / science?
Cardio / Weights?
Sportscar /SUV?
Wine / Beer?
Chicharong Bulaklak / Sisig?
Pulvoron / Otap?
Hiphop / EDM?
Tita / Millennial?
Parts of your body you want to change?
Behaviour that you want to change?
Last time you felt ugly?
Favorite smell?
Favorite Superhero?
Pets name?
Tao hindi ka nagsasawa kang kausapin?
One thing you’re not good at?
Police will arrest you for what case?
Greatest fear?
Inigo: Papa, magkakaaanak nako..
Gusto mo pa ba magkaanak?
Gusto mo pa bang makatrabaho si Sharon Cuneta?
Sexiest part of a woman’s body
May sinabihan ka na ba ng Love me tomorrow?
I feel sexy when?
Biggest misconception about you?
Sex or a Box Office Hit Movie?
Best song while making love?
If you were to give a name to your private part, what is that name?

Watch this funny moment of Piolo Pascual in Tonight With Boy Abunda.

Piolo Pascual’s current movie which opens yesterday at the Box Office hitting 13 Million is entitled Love Me tomorrow with Dawn Zulueta and Coleen Garcia.

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