(TRAVEL) Bolinao Escapade, Birdland Beach Club & Sunset View

With my busy weekdays with left & right events in the metro, a roadtrip (#RodTrips as I may call) to the beach with a beautiful sunset is always my kind therapy to look for. That may sound ambitious but not this month of May I finally got the chance to visit one of the best places in Bolinao, Pangasinan. Together with my fellow lifestyle blogger friends, MJ, Edward, Ruth and Rodel, we braved ourselves to roughly 6 to 7-hour drive from Manila to Bolinao.

We actually didn’t know what to expect but men! Birdland Beach Club is a surprise. Hidden but astonishing place, Birdland Beach Club in Arnedo, Bolinao is a developing eco resorts with unbelievable view of the sunset, overlooking West Philippine Sea. Fresh from their soft opening and recent hosting of West Philippine Sea Jazz and Blues Festival, Michael and Joana Donato welcomed us like family.

The room was indeed spacious, enough to house 4 to 5 person and it costs your pocket roughly P5,000. We chose the second floor so the beautiful sunset won’t escape us. Here I am waiting for my sunset to happen before my eyes.

Since, the room is quite big, the 5 of us decided to stay in one room on the second floor. Bed with creative and artistic headboard made me smile.  

The ambiance within Birdland Beach Club is really relaxing. There were corals in the area that makes the resort looks legit escape from busy city to nature’s sanctuary. They also have nipa hut with swings.

Here I am with Rodel, MJ, Ruth and Ed waiting for the much awaited sunset.


Speechless and lost for words, this Bolinao sunset took our breath away.

FOOD Birdland also prepared sumptuous dinner for us. If you are going to stay in Birdland, all you need to do is to coordinate with their friendly staff and they will prepare everything for you. That night, we had crabs and shrimps mixed with pork and chicken. It was one of the best nipa hut dinner I had with friends.

Breakfast is also included in your entrance fee. The next morning we had delicious tortang talong, salted egg and tomatoes, longganisa and suman.

After that breakfast, Birdland Beach Club also offers Banana Boat (Balso) to sail. They have white floating cottage nearby and that’s where we had our starfish and sea urchins bonding.

I really enjoyed this trip with these crazy friends and we somehow promise to go back again once our equally weird schedule becomes okay.  If you are looking for a relaxing weekend with lesser activities to do, Birdland Beach Club is the place for you. Just bring a couple of friends with you and you will totally forget Manila.

If you want to travel via commute: Choose Five star or Victory Liner in Cubao or in Pasay Terminal because the final stop is just a tricycle away from the resort. You may call them once you get to the Bolinao Terminal. It will cost around 450-500 pesos.

For more information about Birdland Beach Club, check their Facebook Page Or call 09177919643 for more details. Thank you Birdland Beach Club for the warm welcome! Special thanks to MJ, Rodel, Ruth and Ed for pictorial and photo collab with Go Pro and Fujifilm shots to make all beautiful shots in Birdland look real.

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