(MUSIC) Sarah Geronimo, Darren Espanto Topbill 360-Degree Music Video

In today’s growing digital-savvy market, advertisers are using the latest technologies to promote their products and services. In the local quick service restaurant industry, Jollibee has pioneered the use of an emerging 360-degree video format to produce the country’s first-ever 360-degree music video, “Beeda ang Saya.

As one of the few local brands to capitalize on the innovation, the country’s number one fast-food chain teamed-up with pop superstar Sarah Geronimo, The Voice Kids finalist Darren Espanto, and Director Ianco Dela Cruz to produce the amusing 360-degree music video. Ianco is a modern-day filmmaker who is known for his works with renowned local and international brands, including Google’s viral hit, “#GoogleMissKoNa Karaoke Music Video for OFWs.”

sarah geronimo darren espanto beeda

This iconic song “Beeda ang Saya” was transformed into an engaging and interactive anthem with the 360-degree music video treatment. The message of the music video—that joy is all around—was also further captured in all corners of the frame.

Capitalizing on technology
Indeed, Jollibee continues to be a pioneering brand in the digital realm, catching the wave of the latest technological innovation. From Director Ianco, Sarah’s and Darren’s energetic, world-class performance clearly made the set alive and kicking from the moment they entered the restaurant, sharing buckets of Chickenjoy with pleasantly surprised patrons, as they broke to an unforgettable song and dance showcase.

As captured by the effective use of the 360-degree technology, Jollibee continues to invite everyone to see and to share the joy all around, through a whole, new perspective. With this unique and exciting way of enjoying music videos, everyone will surely feel, na sa Jollibee, bida ang saya!

About 360-degree video technology
Essentially, a 360-degree video is produced through a camera system that simultaneously records all angles of a scene; viewable on computers, iOS, and Android devices through panning and rotating the video’s perspective to watch from various angles.

When watching on a computer, the drag of the mouse dictates the angle view. One can watch 360-degree videos through the latest versions of web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox only (videos are not viewable using Safari and Internet Explorer).

On both iOS and Android system mobile devices—viewing angles of the videos are manipulated through device navigation or by finger-dragging across the screen. For Apple users, phone units should be an iPhone 4s and up or iPad 2 or newer, while a 4.3 operating system, or later versions, are required for Android devices.

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