(TV) Kathniel Cries Foul Over ‘Pangako Sa ‘Yo’ Remake’s Current Story. #PSYRedeemAngYna

I noticed an intense battle cry now on twitter from some of the Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla fans. It seems like they are furious over how the plot of the remake of one of the Philippines most successful romantic melodrama television series, Pangako Sa ‘Yo.

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Earlier this week, I tweeted something about what I aspire to see on Philippine Television:

That tweet garnered more than 250 Retweets and likes, majority came from the primetime TV audience. At first I thought this is just a normal reactions since majority wants to have an original concept on television. Then I tweeted again about the factors and components of a HIT primetime series:

The tweet was again shared and discussed by Kathniel fans and tagged Star Creatives, the creator of Pangako Sa Yo remake.

I was able to catch one episode last new Year’s eve and saw Yna Macaspac agreed to be David’s (Diego Loyzaga, son of Amor Powers) girlfriend and this announcement was heard and witnessed by Angelo Buenavista. It was one of the saddest New Year’s eve for a primetime bida and I don’t know how to unseen it.

This brought my attention to check on the avid fans and supporters of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla that after Star Creatives opened the second book for Pangako Sa Yo. They were furious and angry about the current turn of events and plot of the remake.

Kathniel remain focus on their support despite the said disagreement on its story.

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Here are some of the tweets I gathered today.



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  1. I have hesitations when they announced that KathNiel will be doing a “remake” of PSY. Because that’s Pangako sayo; timeless, untouchable – and for sure whoever will do a remake will have big foot to fill in. Plus I really want KathNiel to do a more mature teleserye with an original story.

    After I watched the presscon and the making of PSY, my worries were lessen, as Olivia Lamasan assured us that this retelling will be an epic one. Who would have thought that by “epic” they meant that the teleserye is bound to be disappointing.

    Everything is ok with regards to Amor and Eduardo’s story. Particularly Amor, because her story was laid and well-written. They were able to established the agaisnt all odd story and Amor’s struggle until she finally got her chance of revenge.

    Meanwhile on the sidelines was the story of Angelo and Yna. I think the creative team of Star Creatives forgot that it was Kathryn and Daniel that they were selling to the audience. They were the ones on the OBB yet their story has gone astray. The first part of the Angelo Yna story was promising, until they inserted sub plots (kabit, loteng) that were dragging until it affected the core of the characters. They failed to estblished a good love story between Yna and Angelo. And that affected the outrage of emotions from the viewers who waited patiently for that “wagas na pag-ibig”

    On the solidarity conference of the KathNiel fans, Henry Quitain (Creative Manager/Director) of PSY was quoted saying that the story of Amor and Eduardo is already finished and that it’s about time to focus on Yna and Angelo. But let me ask you, did it come true? If they believed that what Mr. Quitain said has been adapted into the book 2 so far… well I think we’re watching a different teleserye.

    France Sajorda, one of the members of the promotion team will always tell fans that whatever is shown on a particular episode was previewed by the bosses. I thik he’s referring to the business unit head and probably, olivia lamasan as well. If that’s the case, I want to question Olivia Lamasan’s credibility. With the trash plot the creative team has been giving its audience, they have to sit down and accept the fact that they did a terrible job.

    PSY is ending soon, so please get your shit together. Give the characters chance to redeem themselves. Give Yna’s character a good script. Stop putting emphasis on third wheels that can’t deliver well. Yes I am referring to David. If they are planning to give him a break, do yourselves a favor and let him take acting workshops.

    Mico del rosario might get annoyed again and just think that kathniels are just mere “reklamadors” but let me ask you, are you religiously watching pangako sayo? If not, you have no right to question us, because we have been supporting this project from the beginning so we know what we are talking about.

    If this is sort of demolition job for kathniel, well you are messing with the wrong fandom.

  2. true nman poh tlga…nwawala n nman tlga s storya c angelo pti yna…gbi gbi umiikot nlng ky amor pti eduardo ang storya ng psy…c yna pnay nman tlga katangahn n ang role nia s psy…nkakatamad n pnoorin..gbi gbi inaabngan ang psy tpos mpapanood moh panay katangahn ni yna…tas k cornihan ni amor pti eduardo…

  3. I rarely express my opinion but I would support KNs in this battle. I’ve watched the orig PSY and this remake is a total disgrace. As a parent and as a nurse there’s a lot of disturbing scenes. I dont find it realistic. None of the characters are acting sensibly. First lets tackle Eduardo-he was imprisoned for 2 yrs leaving his 2 poor children to battle with life. So instead of making it up with them for d lost times and he was never a good father anyway, he opted to fulfill his libido needs. Who does that? He doesnt even show any delicadeza. Amor-naging pabebe na. Yna-would prefer to sacrifice her own hapiness humaba at mapasaya ang buhay ng bff. Opted to lie just for this. Is this how you want women of this generation should be…wow??? This is such a low regard for women. David having the spotlight while in fact he can’t act. His delivery is a combination of apathy and lameness. And lastly having stage 4 Pancreatic ca and dealing with terminally ill. Such an insult for us nurses who sees people who battle with this disease everyday and also how their family deals with it. FYI po Pancreatic ca has the most poor prognosis out of all d cancers. You’re lucky enough to survive in a month coz at this stage there’s nothing that doctors can offer but just symptom relief. And most of all, you dont lie to a dying patient. You support them in every stage of d dying process with all honesty and empathy. I’m sorry but star creatives is this how you want to leave your legacy. Yes nakakakilig ang KN but dont underestimate their acting prowess. Dont you ever think na we are just after their skinship. Matatalino na ang kabataan ngayon. I hope you vakue this tandem after all ang laki nmn ng pakinabang nyo sa kanila. Top grossing film, sold out concert, plat albums. If you want your other star to shine, not in their expense! If an actor has a star potential, d kailangan ipagpilitan. Daniel is a living example of it!


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