(ONLINE) Designer Marc Jacobs Accidentally Posts “Private” Photo

One of my inspirations to fashion is the brand and icon Marc Jacobs.


Social media has been straight forward in delivering information right at the tip of your fingertips. Today, it is another story. The designer himself posted in his personal instagram account a supposedly direct photo message but ended up shared in public. Gawker was able to secure this thru their followers.


So, just a simple reminder in handling your Instagram Account:

1. Be careful with what you post, Direct Message feature on instagram is designed so you can send an image to its intended audience. You don’t wanna end up being the festive subject online if you are suppose to tease someone privately with your thing.

2. You don’t need to post everyday moments about your life like eating, napping, walking.
3. Don’t try to be an artsy one. Though some exerts an effort to make their photos an ad material level, you can always stay with your natural unedited photos. Im sure your follower will appreciate that over something that’s too edited.
4. People post quotes on twitter. That is fine. But Instagram was developed to show image. Twitter might be a venue to your goody goody mood.
5. If too much love will kill you according to the song, so is hashtags. Avoid too much of it that you almost spent the entire instagram space to have it.

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