(ONLINE) How To Fight online fraud and identity theft Thru #ProTECH101

With the recent developments of online crimes due to limitless possibilities and advances of the digital world, glad to know that Globe launches an online safety campaign to help prevent these crimes by educating the public on how they can protect themselves. The campaign is called #ProTECH101

I personally support this campaign as this answers are questions on how to combat these problems online. #ProTECH101 Part 1 gave three tips focused on restricting the dissemination of personal information online as well as strengthening passcodes to avoid hacking incidents:

  1. Keeping personal information private
  2. Protecting our smartphones with pass codes
  3. Promoting the use of stronger pass codes

#ProTECH101 Part 2 focuses on making accounts more secure by restricting certain features such as the autofill feature available in online forms and log-ins. Disabling the autofill feature would not only decrease the risks of being victimized by hacking, but is also a good preventive measure against online identity fraud.


Join me in sharing this cause to help educate fellow netizens through #ProTECH101 and remind them to keep vigilant and careful with their personal data and online accounts.

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