(TV) FEARLESS FORECAST to Win The VOICE of The Philippines Season II IS..

The long wait is over, The Voice of the Philippines Season II finale is so here in a matter of Days. Four teams already picked their respective representatives to the finale stage. Here I am again on sharing you who I think will win in this season. I was able to predict some reality show winners from the last 7 years (except for Marcelito Pomoy) but first, lets take a look of the some rejoicing and semi depressing result last weekend.

For TEAM APL, Alisah Bonaobra scored an average score of 50.07% (45.13% Public Votes, 55% Coach Score) while Daryl Ong upsets an average of 49.94% (54.87% Public Votes, 45% Coach Score). Alisah advanced to the finals.

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For TEAM BAMBOO, Rence Rapanot got average score of 56.21% (57.4% Public Votes, 55% Coach Score) while Rita Martinez is going home with an average score of 43.79% (42.59% Public Votes, 45% Coach Score)
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For TEAM SARAH GERONIMO, Jason Dy advanced to the final with an average score of 60.09% (65.19% Public Votes, 55% Coach Score) while Monique Lualhati collected an average score of 39.91% (34.81% Public Votes, 45% Coach Score)

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For TEAM LEA, she is sending Leah Patricio to the finale. She got an average score of 50.29% (45.58% Public Votes, 55% Coach Score) while the crowd favorite Timmy Pavino went home with an average score of 49.71% (54.42% Public Votes, 45% Coach Score)

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Alisah, Rence, Jason and Leah possess distinguish vocal prowess and I think the public will have a hard time choosing, assuming they will do well this coming saturday. So here is what I think of these four.

First, I am sorry but for me Rence from Team Bamboo needs to work very hard to beat Leah and Alisah. For me he is the weakest link to the vocal universe on saturday. Who knows he will surprise us with something just like what Lady Gaga did in the recent academy awards.

Alisah on the other hand is I think the strongest contender Team APL had from season 1. Though Daryl Ong’s elimination upsets the crowd, Alisah is the best representative from Team APL. I think she will win this competition if she will choose the best song and will surprise the voting public.

Leah is undeniably the Mitoy Yonting of this Season. No doubt about her talent. She is indeed the voice! Team Lea must be so proud of her representative to the finale. If the voting public will smartly decide this weekend, Team Lea will be this season’s winner.

Jason Dy. Oh Jason Dy. I feel sad for Monique go but I am sure, she is already a winner just like what happened to Morissette which is now one of the most sought artist these days. Jason is a total package. He is both the voice and the face of the competition. Why he will win? Its because Talent + charm + Popsters power = WINNING. Leah might be his great contender and these two might be the battling for the title.

WATCH JASON DY’s winning performance of THINKING OUT LOUD.

When Mitoy won last season, the public voting voted for him. He is indeed the Voice over Klarisse De Guzman. For Leah this time, it might happen again this season. However, she doesnt have the Resorts World crowd. Mitoy had because he is a regular there. I’ve heard that Resorts World campaigned for Mitoy up to the last minute.

At this point in time, Jason Dy is already a star. He needs to prove it over Leah’s performance this weekend. Popsters and other fanatic of the show will do the rest for them. For me he is the winner of the season.

Lets see. What do you think?

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  1. I hope manalo si Jason Dy. I like his voice quality and his style sa pagkanta. Sana mas galingan pa nya performance sa finale at tama ang mapili nyang kanta. Double effort kasi magaling si Leah Patricio. Parang iiyak ako pag napapanood performance ni Leah. Damang dama talaga. I’m so excited to watch their performance this weekend. Go Jason Dy! 🙂


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