(BEAUTY) Inspiring Maxi-Peel’s Journey to Renewal at GMA 7’s Marian Show

As we all know, Marian Rivera is one of the most effective ambassadors that Maxi-Peel ever had. She’s been endorsing the brand for 7 years now along with other celebrity endorsers. We’ve been seeing her in the news more often from her recent unforgettable wedding of the year with Dingdong Dantes, which remains trending til now. Busy as she is, she still remains one of the local celebrities who continue to inspire many Filipinas in beauty transformation.


Just recently, Maxi-Peel and Marian launched the #BagongGandaBagongPagAsa Journey to Renewal, a 30-day skin and beauty journey for three lucky chosen girls. These women were challenged to undergo an inside and out transformation with Maxi-Peel and Marian Rivera sitting as one of the mentors.


Initially these girls revealed their skin problems in public and they made a pledge to embrace the power of Maxi-Peel to answer their beauty problems.

After 30 Days.

Last November 29, Marian Rivera and Maxi-Peel revealed the results of the 30 day #BagongGandaBagongPagAsa Journey to Renewal. I personally met these girls in Marian’s self-titled show, MARIAN, and all I can say is that they were very confident now in facing the public. I may not have an idea how shy they were but I’m sure something has changed within them. They are Belle, Crystal, and Shane.


At the segment of MARIAN, Asia’s heartthrob Christian Bautista serenaded them and I was having goosebumps while they walked on stage. MAXIPEEL20141128_140745


Marian also shared that she personally met these girls off camera and gave advice from time to time. She was the one who gave them the exact Maxi-Peel Regimen to follow based on their specific skin concerns.

These three shared their own stories with Marian. I remember Belle, who will be married soon, shared how her life changed after the 30-day transformation and is now more confident with how she perceives the world. The transformation not only changed her physical attributes and concerns but also boosted her self-confidence. This bride to be is indeed an inspiration for all the young girls of simplicity and beauty!

Fresh grad lass Crystal, on the other hand, dedicated all her efforts to finishing college and planning to land a wonderful job so she can soon support her family. She mentioned that with Maxi-Peel, she felt that there is actually a need to understand what the problems are so you can address it the way you want it to be solved and Maxi-Peel made her feel she had a real friend lending a hand in making her transformation unforgettable. Now she is ready to face the public and has self-confidence in her upcoming job interviews.

Shane, an employee from the BPO industry shared that she was apprehensive to follow the instructions of Maxi-Peel because literally her time zone is quite different. To cope with following the instructions, she placed Marian Rivera’s photo in her room to remind her every day that the 30-day journey to renewal is a serious matter, and she is very happy that she accepted the challenge.

You can watch this inspiring segment here below:


I can see that they are happy with the results and Marian has never been prouder for them. Marian, in her own words, Bilang bahagi ako ng Maxi-Peel, gusto kong ibahagi yan sa mga kababaihan ang experience ko, ang nagawa sa ‘kin ng Maxi-Peel, at hindi lang sa ‘kin kundi sa marami-rami, libo-libong kababaihang natulungan ng Maxi-Peel. Dahil naniniwala kami sa “Bagong Ganda, Bagong Pag-Asa” na magagawa ng Maxi-Peel sa kanila.”


As I was watching Marian’s show, I can say that she is very sincere with how she wants to help these women and now I understand how close she is to them from their girl bonding that happened during the transformation. It is indeed a remarkable project of Maxi-Peel to make their consumers satisfied with the results that they are expecting.


For more news about their Journey to Renewal, you can check out MAXI-PEEL’s Official Facebook Page. Congratulations Girls I’m sure this is just the beginning of more transformations to happen to the three of you! We will definitely wait for the next phase as the journey to renewal continues!


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