(LIFESTYLE) Electrolux Brand Ambassadors Share Delightful Tips About Saving!

Today I got my whooping lowered electricity bill from some simple savings I made last month, that is lights out every 12 midnight. This not only saves me from paying unimportant bill but helped me manage my time effectively. Hence, I will share you again some blog series Ive been doing since last month, The Electrolux Save and Share Blog series!

For starters, this Electrolux Save & Share Blog Series is part of the Electrolux Delightful-E simple campaign which aims to help moms (and bachelor like me!) save not just money but also their precious time by making their everyday tasks delightfully simple and easy.

Save & Share Blog SeriesThis is the second blog for this activity and I am very glad to have been a part of this web series together with my friends, some top entertainment and lifestyle bloggers in the country where we get the chance to ask Electrolux brand ambassadors Cheska Garcia Kramer, Chef Rosebud Benitez, Chef Bruce Lim and Mommy Mundo’s Janice Villanueva about creative yet effective ways to save household expenses and sharing blessings to others.

So moving forward with something that is worth sharing, I got the chance to ask two of the Electrolux Ambassador we all know, Chef Bruce and Cheska Garcia-Kramer about their thoughts on my dilemma (which I am sure most of us can relate) related to consuming electricity and water without, you know paying higher than normal. They were very game on responding and here are what they said


Rod: What do you do to ensure that utility bills (esp electricity and water) do not spike up?

chescaChef Bruce:

I have a family of boys who get dirty a lot and they can change clothes up to 4 times a day. So I have to make sure that my appliances is energy saving like my Electrolux washing machine it has energy saving features that I love! My air conditioners are all Electrolux inverters that also help me save on the energy bill!


I have a baby and my kids, ma-aircon silang mga tao. So I’m not so strict with that. Although at night, I really do my rounds. I make sure all the lights are close, all the faucets are closed properly, there are no leaks, at the same time I do the washing of the clothes and ironing of the clothes schedule. With that, we are able to monitor our electricity and water bill. But I’m not the type kasi to make tipid on my kids. Pag gusto nila mag-aircon, I allow them to.

Si Doug kasi is the one who chooses our appliances. He consults with me. In our family kasi, we really practice demanding the head of the family. With big decision making and stuff like that, Doug is the one who does the research and at the same time, he will consult me. He’ll tell me, “Hey honey, this is what we need to buy” then we’ll think about it. Although he makes the big decisions, he also relies on my opinion. So when it comes to buying appliances, we always try to look for one that has the energy-saver. That’s the number one plus for Doug, it has to be energy saver. So from our aircons to our refrigerator, kasi yung refrigerator yung malakas sa electricity diba, so it has to be an energy saver. Even our washing machine. So a lot of our appliances here are energy saving.


chef bruceRod: As a parent, do you find it important to share the value of savings to your kids? If yes, how do you do it? At what age is it best to start introducing the value of money and saving? Any tips on how other parents can creatively do this to their kids?

Chef Bruce:

Yes as early as you can. Ako kase Rod I always explain to my boys about the value of a buck. I teach them about not wasting food and how to make use of the leftovers. Like a roast chicken will be dinner then breakfast will be a chicken sandwich and snack time will be chicken noodle soup. My family and I all have reusable water bottles, we stay in one room when its play time so we use just one air conditioner. Piggy banks are the way to go as well. So all the change I have in my pockets goes into a family piggy bank. Then when its full I we change it in the bank and I show them how much we saved. Then it becomes a play day with daddy!


I would understand why it’s difficult for general Filipinos to be saving kasi of the minimum wage. They always say when big money comes in, that’s when you start making sure that you have planned for the future and the future of your children. So for me, as husband and wife, you should both dream together, focus on that dream, try as much as possible to find a way to make it possible and when you got the money, make sure that you have done your feasibility studies. Make sure that you have done your research on your business and if you have business partners, make sure that you trust them. For me talaga, one thing that can secure you is if you have a family business. Even Doug and I, we both have our careers but we don’t rely on both our careers because you know, our careers kasi they have a life span. Doug, he’s an athlete, so it depends on how he takes care of himself. With me naman, you don’t know until when the admiration of the people around you will last, diba? So with us, whatever money comes in, what we did is we started bringing our business and we started investing. So we have our property, and then we have our taxi business, and then at the same time we have our insurances to secure our children. So for me, just know what it is to spend for. Ano ba talaga things that you can do away with? It’s really a matter of being realistic with your expenditures. Some people kasi, you know the saying “Keeping up with the Jones?” forget about that. Kasi in the long run, you’re gonna have a hard time keeping up with things that you cannot sustain. Live with your means and live the most out of it and when the money comes, make sure that you are prepared in spending it wisely or investing it.

 See, even busy people knows these little informative ideas. Will have them more on my next blog!

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