(LEARNING) iACADEMY Encourages you to Write your Own Success Story

In its most basic and truest definition, success means being in a constant state of happiness that stems from being contented with the life you have. And while everyone may have a different picture of this life, no one will argue that it involves being surrounded by the people you care for and doing something you love.

Of the two, the latter obviously poses more challenge. Doing what you love can be hard, especially in a world that’s constantly changing at such a rapid pace. The key is to equip yourself with the knowledge and—more importantly—skills to keep up. And while it’s expected to gain these through real work experience, wouldn’t it be nicer if your school can also give you the same learnings even before you graduate? 

Think about it. It’s a rate race out there and you need all the help you can get. Is your school giving you the extra push to start ahead of everyone else? Does it have facilities, equipment and programs that allow you to gain precious experience of your chosen trade? Are your teachers thinking of creative ways to make your subjects more engaging? Are you being encouraged to learn from your peers?

If your answer to the questions above is no then perhaps it’s time you start looking for a new school—one that hones talents with lectures, immersions and hands-on trainings delivered in an environment that promotes creativity, pursuit of passion and individualism.

But where do you find such an institution?

Here’s the good news. There’s a school that offers curriculums that are meant to help you gain the know-hows of your future career. And it’s conveniently located in quiet of Brgy. Bel Air in Makati.

iACADEMY is a tertiary school that is known for their niche courses in the field of Computing, Business, and Design.

The school’s courses are very specific to the learning needs of its students, with the goal of producing globally competitive graduates and professionals. They do this by combining theoretical classroom teaching techniques with a lot of practical and hands-on industry experience.

To better help everyone reach success, iAcademy invested in making practical hands-on training using the latest technology available for all its students.

Most of their faculty members are industry professionals, ensuring that students get real-world exposure from teachers that actually practice what they teach.

The school also has an extensive network of partners that gives students the perfect platform to immerse themselves in their chosen fields, keeping themselves updated in the fast-paced world of technology, design and business. This also translates to opportunities for job placement in the student’s preferred industry, where their education and training already gives them an advantage by virtue of their understanding of the demands of their chosen fields.

Students can hang out in this cozy common room in between classes, especially when it’s raining or too hot to step outside.

But perhaps the best thing about iAcademy is its ability to understand those who wish to pursue other educational opportunities. For whatever reason, the school understands that transferees are a source of quality and diverse students, which is why they try to provide rational and easier transfer policies.

Interested applicants can start by following this simple 3-step process:

  1. Get a copy of your current college transcript and download the iACADEMY transferee application form from the website.
  2. Fill out the form and bring it when you visit the campus.
  3. Upon submission of the application form, iACADEMY’s admissions counselors will provide you with the following information:
    1. Which of your current subjects and units will be credited to iACADEMY after transfer.
    2. Schedule for guidance counseling regarding your academic future with our team.
    3. Detailed next steps on what you can do to move forward with the process of transferring.

For more information, you can visit iacademy.edu.ph, call (02) 889-7777, like
Facebook.com/iACADEMY or send an email to inquiry@iacademy.edu.ph. You can also drop by the iAcademy campus at 324 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Bel Air, Makati.

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