(TV) 5 Reasons Why Big Brother FORCE Evicted CESS in Pinoy Big Brother House.

2 housemates of Pinoy Big Brother ALL IN were evicted last night. From among the nominated housemate, Chevin got the lowest votes, a few number of votes away from Maris Racal.

Here are the Percentage of scores:
Chevin Cecilio >>> 30.24%
Maris Racal >>> 30.38% and
Loisa Andalio >>> 39.37%.

Meanwhile, the controversial housemate CESS VICITACION, also got forced evicted to the Pinoy Big Brother house. The following violations according to Big Brother were crossed such as Questions about the outside world, lapels, whispering, furniture, and writing secret messages.

do you think Cess deserves a second chance?

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  1. She doesn’t deserve to have a second chance. I’ve been watching the PBB and I even re-watch it in some other sites. I can really say that she’s the type of girl who is happy-go-lucky to the point where she doesn’t remember anymore about the rules and regulations. Tsk.

  2. she deserve na matanggal kasi naman sabi nga nila PBB ay magandang ihimplo sa mga kabataan tapos puro ganun yung ginagawa nila sa PBB house Sus! puro harutan !!!!!!!! ang dapat dyan ipangtapon sa labas …..So nonesense Show Ang kinalabasan…

  3. She doesn’t deserve second chance AT ALL!! She’s such a trouble maker and so “KUPAL”!! She acts like she’s all that. She doesn’t know how to deal with different kinds of people and how to compose herself in front of other people. She may think that she’s just being herself or she’s just being honest but frankly, SHE’S NOT!!! I think that’s just her “KARMA”!! She got what she deserve and she had the taste of her own medicine!!!

  4. Here’s one thing I learned about PBB ever since I started watching Teen Clash 2010— as a housemate, you can be as annoying or as flirty or as b**chy as you like as long as you follow the rules and regulations already laid out to you upon entry to Kuya’s House.

    From my point of view, watching both primetime and LS altogether, Cess was so full of herself (in terms of the whole plastikan against Jane and then playing the victim with the whole Jane ordeal in front of the other housemates) that she had forgotten that there are still rules and regulations to follow.

    She failed to do something so simple. Why should she given another chance? It’s her fault she got force evicted in the first place. She should have thought through those actions in the first place before she even executes them. She failed big time on something so simple.

    Why should she given another chance? The rules and regulations at Kuya’s house are NOT meant to be broken.

  5. no she doesn’t deserve to be given her a second chance. I don’t like her at all. she’s a trouble maker & a backstubber. karma lang sa kanya yun. kc di maganda ginagawa nya. lalo na siraan si jane sa mga iba housemates… we’re so happy na natanggal na sya. dami kami ayaw sa kanya dito sa Japan!


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