(TECH) Pioneer Electronics Releases Awesome MJ SERIES Headphones!

We all love listening to music. Be it from our ipod, smartphones or computers. But of course, we all need some quality speakers and headphones to compliment our playlist. Good thing  PIONEER ELECTRONICS Launches it new colorful and trendy models of outdoor headphones. It is call the “MJ series”

These MJ series are very attractive and available in a wide range of colour variations.I was able to try at least three of these awesome headphones and dude, these are all amazing.

The line-up includes the SE-MJ532 with its wide sound response, clear sound quality and high comfort; the SE-MJ522 with its strong bass sound; the slim and light-fitting SE-MJ512, and the basic, reasonably priced SE-MJ502. With their convenient foldable design, all four new models are easy to carry and store, making them ideally suited for music, movies, videos and games, at home or on the go. Each of these new models comes in extensive colour variations allowing consumers to match their headphone to their style and fashion sense.



 Actually I like a headphones that has foldable design for easy carrying. With a lot of things I put in my bag, a foldable headphones is a big help to organize my stuff. This MJ522 is one. Highlighted by reflective metallic spin finish housing and colour-coding with the same colour as the housing. The headphone comes in 7 colour variations: black, white, red, pink, lime, turquoise and purple.

 This is indeed my favorite! An ideal headphones for summer! IT has a rich and full bodied sound you can imagine yourself dancing to a live Djs in a party!


What I like about MJ711 is that is has an excellent contact and outstanding audio transmission, while the 1.2 m one-sided earphone cord reduces cord tangling. Although a little bit snug, it has a compact ear cups that stay close to your head and a wide headband for a comfortable fit.

Im not much of a fan but the built is a sleek and hip. Makes me wanna wear it when Im walking around the area. Sound wise, it delivers a powerful mix of equalizer. I tried listening to some upbeat music and I like MJ711.


MJ 502

  • Large 40mm driver units for high sound quality. Bass frequencies are delivered with excellent quality thanks to large 40mm driver units.
  • Compact foldable design for easy carrying. The headphones fold into a compact configuration for easy storage and carrying.
  • Slim-type headband and leather-style earpads for light fit.
  • 5 colour variations. The model is available in five attractive colour variations: black, white, red, pink and lavender.

Actually, MJ-502 has a soft earpads compare to MJ711. The quality of sound is cool though I prefer a bigger ear compact. Ive been using this since January as my headphones when watching my favorite TV series. Design wise, I prefer other color of it such as white or red. but all in all, it is worth a buy for around 50USD.


About Pioneer Electronics AsiaCentre (PAC) Pte. Ltd.
The regional headquarters of Pioneer Corporation since 1992, PAC’s core business covers the audio and video industries with a diversified range of products encompassing DVD-related products, home stereo systems, speakers, car audiovisual and DJ equipment. In line with the corporate vision to become a company that works together in ‘pursuing innovations one after another’, PAC aims to continuously introduce innovative products that will raise entertainment to the level of pure emotion. For more information, please visit www.pioneer.com.sg.


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Pioneer Headphone Winners!

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