(ADVOCACY) Boy Abunda Shares The Core Element of ‘Make Your Nanay Proud’

I had a wonderful afternoon today February 13, 2014 as I was invited to attend the engagement with the awesome people behind Make Your Nanay Proud (MYNP) Foundation, including the King of Talk who undeniably an advocate and living the life of making his mother proud.

MYNP in fact was not really launched big time despite the limelight status of the King of Talk. But the impact and reach it made in 2013 became one of the most memorable best practices in the coutry, helping people in various calamities and tragedies we encountered. MYNP is a civic organization of loving Filipinos who love their mothers and who want to honor them by helping others. A little more than a year ago, Boy Abunda founded the Make Your Nanay Proud (MYNP) Foundation with the simple mantra of wanting to make Nanays all over the country proud by encouraging their children to be “the best of who you are and the best in all you do.” Judging from the activities that MYNP has so far been involved in since its founding the same spirit has served it in very good stead.

After being introduced with key holders, I sat with Gasper Gozo, Secretary General of MYNP and we discuss the advocacy of the organization. After awhile, Program Director Carlos Munda joined us in the discussion. They share that with all the calamities happened last year, they need to act first, and learn everything from within. Even started in late 2012, MYNP responded to the call and they considered 2013 as their Baptism of Fire. It was the ground breaking year for them. Oneo f hte highlights of their activities is the Eastern Samar operation. MYNP immediately heeded the national call for help and provided relief assistance to the provinces of Eastern Samar. This assistance included food packs, hygiene packs and cash donations from MYNP Execom, COFA members and private donors.

MYNP Founder and Chairman Boy Abunda with Vice President Nini Borja, Secretary General Gasper Gozo, Program Director Carlos Munda and Angel Locsin.

MYNP dreams big and starts small. Theyre taking a small steps towards a big future. In fact, their line up of activities for 2014 are indeed interesting that I may want to join. Some of the Priority projects that they are planning to organize are the Bantayog Ni Nanay, Sine Nanay, MYNP Talk Express, MYNP Book, MYNP Awards, Livelihood Program for Eastern Samar Yolanda Victims as well as Medium PR Campaign for MYNP/Organization of COFA and Special Relief Operations to Eastern Samar.

Here  are some of the activities they get involved with last year:


I am so overwhelm by the amount of efforts MYNP are putting to make the foundation a successful one. Being also involve in advocacy, I already fell in Love with MYNP. The vision and goals are relatively the same and what I like most about it is its core element, its core values, that making your Nanay proud is also a way of gratifying them on nurturing you.

In an excerpt from the MYNP CREED it says “MYNP holds that any person regardless of age, social status, or gender who bears genuine love for his/her mother will always want to honor her and make her proud by doing right and by being the best that he or she can be.” Which I truly believe.

After then, Boy Abunda Arrived and talk about the entire advocacy. It is a never ending discussion and I swear to you everything that comes out with Boy’s mouth went straight to my mind and soul. He is living the life of an advocate. He said he can speak for 5 days about advocacy and Make Your Nanay’s proud, I say I can listen to him for 5 days as well. Everything that he said, every examples he cited are living testimony of how one can really make your Nanay Proud.

Here is BOY ABUNDA for Make Your Nanay Proud

 For more information on Make Your Nanay Proud Foundation Inc, you may visit them at www.makeyournanayproud.com;

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