(MOVIE) Piolo Pascual And Toni Gonzaga’s ‘Starting Over Again’ is Star Cinema’s 2014 Valentine Movie!

Imagine your Valentine’s day like this: An Olivia Lamasan film, A Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga tandem, A Star Cinema cinematography, that would be the best Valentine movie treat this 2014!

Originally titled UNLOVE YOU, This Piolo-Toni movie has started to create buzz last December 25 when Star Cinema decided to air its trailer in nationwide cinemas for MMFF. I can hear, read and browse unlimited excitement for all Piolo and Toni fa– no, actually even non Piolo and Toni fans are saying they will never miss this for the world!I felt like everyone relate their lovelives to the story!

Personally, I like Toni Gonzaga, Piolo Pascual and Olive Lamasan. I never miss any Toni movie everytime she has a movie. How I wish I can give oyu the full trailer now but, that’s fine. I will give you that one at a time.

The trailer shows Toni, a happy girl in a school setting deadly admiring a guy, (Piolo) and will do anything so the guy will notice her. Until they got closer and become an item. Then suddenly the girl just acted differently, stayed away without explanation. Fast forward to the present time, they meet again. Excited on how she feels about seeing him again, she agreed to work with him, only to realized, it was too late for her. The guy already has a new girl, a sweet girl (Iza). So she asks for explanation on what happened, what went wrong. But the guy, infact –AHH BASTA! I cannot explain the whole trailer. Its really a very nice movie I am telling you. I want you to see the trailer soon as I get the copy and will blog here at #RodMagaruShow.

The movie is about second chances, might be a story of something like, The One that got away, improper closure, relationships and asking for an acceptable explanations.

Starting Over Again in more than 120 Cinemas February 12, 2013.  I am so excited! Are you? Tweet me! @rodmagaru

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  1. trailer Please..i love the movie when i saw the trailer in cinema, ang sarap ulit-ulitin ng trailer how much more yung movie..nakakatouch talaga…love it..


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