(SHOP) Black Friday Deals Made Everything Possible with GCASH American Express Virtual Pay!

I’m literally going Crazy with Black Friday! Like serious kind of crazy! Well I supposed to share you this last November but since I patiently waited for BLACK FRIDAY last week, it took me days to finally finished this blog.

Ok remember on my last blog I shared with you the exciting GLOBE promo related to BLACK FRIDAY (HERE)  where GLOBE has arranged a better way to shop online and experience that feeling of buying an item with a huge discount. This time, they will be giving us a huge SHIPPING DISCOUNT! Well I kind of join but didnt finished the entire mechanics LOL. But anyhow, I hit FOREVER21 site and found HUUUGGEEE BLACK FRIDAY DISCOUNT

at first I am hesitant to shop for clothes fearing sizes won’t fit or so and it will be a hassle to return it since FOREVER21 is base in US but I’m glad I tried! Luckily, BLACK FRIDAY STARTS at 12 midnight, wherein 12 in the afternoon here in Manila where I am sitting right in front of my desktop waiting for the announcement or cue to CLICK haha!

So look what I found from FOREVER 21’s CLOSET!

and This!

Everything is on SALE compare to regular sale here of FOREVER21 which is relatively not really cool.

Comparing to FOREVER21’s original Price, I think I save higher than the total purchases I made! That is a SEALED LEGIT SALE RIGHT? This is indeed one of the online shopping I made since June! BLACK FRIDAY has never been this exciting! Of course all of that because of GCASH American Virtual Express Pay!

Well you too can experience this fun on shopping online, you can check how you can start by reading the simple instruction to have an account! Read more here about GCASH American Express® Virtual Pay?  Here’s how you can get your own account! CLICK HERE.

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