(TV) The Return of Singing BEE Premieres Saturday November 16, After ‘Its Showtime

The well-loved hosting tandem of Roderick Paulate and Amy Perez is back and is set to bring total entertainment to every member of the family beginning Saturday (Nov 16) as the hit musical game show “The Singing Bee” returns to ABS-CBN.

Weekend bonding time will surely become more fun as the whole family can sing and play along with the game, regardless if he can sing or not, as long as he can guess the correct lyrics of popular songs. On top of that, returning Kapamilya Dick and Amy will complete the viewing experience with their exchange of witty banters.

“This will ease your problems and stress. The show fits in with everyone because Filipinos are natural music lovers,” Amy said.

“Viewers will love ‘The Singing Bee’ because the show is synonymous to fun and every Filipino likes to have fun. They will probably love the sing-along, the dancing, and the guessing game,” Dick added.

In its pilot episode this Saturday, Carmi Martin, Boboy Garovillo, Ogie Diaz, Eric Frutuoso and Kiray Celis — Dick and Amy’s closest friends in the entertainment industry — will play and compete to win the P1 million jackpot prize.

“The Voice of the Philippines” artists Isa Fabregas, Jessica Reynoso, Penelope Matanguihan, Maki Ricafort, and Yuki Ito are also part of “The Singing Bee” as the show’s resident singers called  the “Songbees.” The “Bandble Bees,” led by veteran musical director Mel Villena, will also stage a comeback along with sexy dancers “Honeybees.”

“The Singing Bee” will be composed of four exciting rounds. Five individuals will compete in the elimination round called “To Bee Continued,” where each contestant has to sing the next line of the song initiated by the “Songbees.” The first four people who sing the line correctly will qualify for the next two rounds “Jumble Bee” and “Beedeoke.”

In “Jumble Bee” round, lyrics from a particular song will be shown scrambled on screen and each of the contestants have to sing it in correct order to earn two points.

The four remaining contestants will consecutively sing a song in a fill-in-the-blanks format in the “Beedeoke” round. Each player has three blanks to fill in, where each correct answer is equal to three points.

The contestant with the highest of total points from the second and third rounds will advance to the jackpot round dubbed as the “Final Countdown” to face the defending champion.

In the final round, the contestants must first determine who between them will go first through the toss-up called “Manuhan.” One of the hosts will give an artist name and the contestants must provide any song title recorded by the given artist. Whoever buzzes in first with the correct answer will get the first bid at the jackpot and the privilege to choose a category. The first finalist must then guess four missing lyrics in seven songs to be played in the “Final Countdown.” Each correct answer corresponds to P20,000 cash. If ever he completes all four, the first finalist wins the P1 million grand prize. But in the event that the first finalist commits a mistake, the second finalist will have the chance to steal and play for the jackpot. Whoever wins in the “Final Coundown” will be hailed as the champion and will return to the next week’s episode to defend his title.

Don’t miss the much-awaited comeback of hit musical game show “The Singing Bee” this Saturday (Nov 16), after “It’s Showtime” on ABS-CBN. For updates, visit its Facebook page at www.facebook.com/singingbeeabscbn; follow its Twitter account via @TheSingingBeePH; and follow its Instagram account via @thesingingbeeph. Tweet your thoughts and reaction using the hashtag #TheSingingBeePH.

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