(SPONSORED VIDEO) Prepare to Get Caught! AXN Presents THE BLACKLIST!

One of the most anticipated TV series is here! But before I go with that exciting news, Have you ever wonder if someone, say an FBI’s most wanted criminal have a control over your computer? Because AXN-Asia, home of your favorite movies, lifestyle sports programs and TV series brings another exciting show like no other, THE BLACKLIST!

I’m a huge fan of detective genre drama including those of espionage that involves FBI, secret services and the likes and how timely as AXN ASIA brings us THE BLACKLIST. Topbilled by seasoned actors in TV and movie James Spader, Megan Boone and Harry Lennix, a drama series that will tickle your curiosity about loyalty, ulterior motives and antecedents!

In the story, Red Reddington, turns himself to FBI and offers everything he knows, connections and high level information in a condition that he will work only to a certain FBI agent. I cannot explain my anticipation to know more about the show and how these characters will evolve as the season progresses.

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To give you more high level information about THE BLACKLIST, I am giving you the chance to get hidden access behind AXN’s official website:www.axn-asia.comOnce on the site, type the word BLACKLIST and you’ll see how Red Reddington starts to take control of your computer! He will then show you the unlimited and unrestricted access to the world of DETECTIVES and SECRETS! Try it because the first time I went there, only one word comes to mind, AWESOME!

This whole exciting launch is just a part of AXN’s most anticipated show, THE BLACKLIST. And just like Red Reddington’s character, the campaign is also not afraid to play games with us! James Spader is best known for his roles in movies as Pretty in Pink, Stargate and Crash. His most famous television roles are those of the attorney Alan Shore in The Practice, and Robert Calfornia in The Office.

AXN Asia is a pay TV, cable and satellite TV channel owned by Sony Entertainment Pictures and it is available throughout the 19 channels around the Asia Pacific region.

AXN Asia Website HEREplus visit AXN Asia Youtube HERE. You can also check AXN Asia on Facebook HERE.

This post has been sponsored by AXN Asia but all thoughts are our own.

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