(SAFETY) Are You At Work? Here’s an Earthquake Emergency Procedure for YOU!

I just got this from corporate email that I think needs to be shared.


Before an Earthquake:

• Fasten or move furniture and objects that could fall or hurt you

• Breakable items and heavy objects should be stored properly and placed as low as possible

 During an Earthquake:

• DUCK under a sturdy desk or table during the initial shaking. Don’t try to out run the earthquake for you will have no time to do it.
• HOLD on the sturdy desk or table.
• COVER your head. Be aware of falling objects and keep your eyes open.

After an Earthquake:

• Be prepared for aftershocks.
• Evacuate if necessary of if there’s an imminent danger
• Check yourself and other for injuries
• Check water and electrical lines for damages
• For low lying areas, Watch out for Tsunami  warnings. Evacuate immediately if Tsunami alert or evacuation has been announced.
• If you are inside a building, Do Not use elevators.

As an additional information, here are some guidelines to follow in case of an Earthquake Emergency:

• Stay Calm. Do not Panic.

• Listen to proper authorities for declaration of an emergency evacuation in your respective    areas.
• Do not leave any valuable things (checks, cash, etc.) on your workstations, put them inside a secure bag then put them inside the vault.
•Make sure to close and lock the vault so as cabinets and drawers before evacuation.
•All records essential to present and future operations must be placed in evacuation bags.
• Store Cash securities and very sensitive documents inside fire-resistant safes or vaults.
• Close all utility supplies such as water, electricity, etc.
• Unplug all electrical office equipments before leaving.
• Keep updated with Emergency numbers and Evacuation procedures in your respective areas
• Watch/ Listen to battery operated radio for updates on the emergency.

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