(MOVIE REVIEW) #ShesTheOne By @StarCinema Raises The Bar for Romantic Movie Flicks 9/10

I’m a big fan of Star Cinema’s Romantic movies. Of their comedies and dramas, including those of mainstream independent projects they put up at Dreamscape. So when I’ve heard of this project is on its conceptualization, I already sensed that this is a good one. If by any chance, Vanessa Valdez, Carmi Raymundo Kriz Gazmen–some popular names for some of the most successful movie hits from the outfit, rest assured that theres a good story waiting for you on big screen.

She’s The One is a story of long-time friendship between successful individuals. Its about how a historical friendship can change because of one crazy circumstance that forces two friends to re-evaluate how they feel for each other in this new generation of Facebook, Twitter and viral videos.


CAST: Bea Alonzo, Dingdong Dantes, Enrique Gil.

Also Starring: Maricar Reyes, Liza Soberano, Tony Mabesa, Perla Bautista, Pinky Amador, Guji Lorenzana, RS Francisco, Marc Solis, Erika Padilla, Garlic Garcia, Coleen Garcia, Daniel Matsunaga, LJ Reyes, Kerwin Garcia, Barbie Sabino.

Written by Charlene Sawit-Esguerra, Anton Santamaria, Roumella Nina Monge and Star Cinema’s creative director Vanessa Valdez.
Directed By: Mae Cruz
Graded B: By Cinema Evaluation Board
Rated GP by MTRCB

Along the story line, Enrique met and falls in love with a mysterious, older woman (Bea) thanks to a chance encounter — and searches for her identity through the power of social media, thus putting him in the way of the long-standing friendship of Bea and her best friend played by Dingdong. She’s The One is also the first time Enrique is paired with Bea.

Actually, the story is not new to us, a friend who’s in love with his/her bestfriend or bestfriends secretly in love with each other. Having reviewed a lot of local movies in this blog, I can see familiar plot from the past. At the start of the movie, I thought Im watching another Kung Ako Na Lang Sana by Aga and Sharon, Close to You by John Lloyd-Bea-Sam. But as the movie progresses, the story becomes unique  and making a story of its own without sacrificing the message that this, is the story of every single men and women in all of us.

Truth is, there is no dull moment on the whole storyline because the storytelling is “swabe”. Its like discovering a part of yourself little by little within the characters and waiting for the perfect line for you to finally say, “It is my story”. These are the tested formula succeeded by Star Cinema in their romantic films in the past.

She’s The One is by far the best of Direk Mae Cruz. I have seen all her work from Babe I Love You to Catch Me Im In Love to Every Breath You Take and I will say that this is her best. She made me fall in love to Dingdong Dantes acting, which I only caught during last MMFF entry. Dingdong Dantes here is surreal. Of course there were many leading men that could play his character but he ensure to us that we will clap our hands at the end of some scenes.

Bea Alonzo, is the perfect catch. I missed the blogger’s conference for this but I am sure that this one was tailored for her. Her finesse, magnificent signature attack to a romantic, heavy and light scenes are there. She will remind you that she is Cat, not Bea Alonzo, like she always proved on all of her successful movies.

Enrique Gil is fine. He always makes me smile on his every scenes. He brings life to the story. His charm will entice you to know him better. I think Bea and Enrique has a chemistry. Thanks to the script who didn’t force him to play more than what he needs to do. Viewers might see weak on his acting but Im thinking otherwise. His role as David wont be the same if its not Enrique Gil.

Lowpoints: I actually cant think of any, except for cheering thing. I am expecting a romantic scenes or dinner date, candle light. All supporting actors did well.

ALL in ALL, IT IS A FEEL GOOD MOVIE. Like Ive always said in my review, we can always find ourselves in any of them. I always have.


1. Dingdong and Bea at the sofa eating ice cream talking about themselves.

2. Family breakfast at Cat (Bea’s) house. I am a fan of family breakfast. Thanks for putting it there.

3. Girl In The Rain scene where Bea is flaming hot right there changing tires.

4. Liza Soberano and Bea ALonzo conversation.

5. Kissing Scene of Bea and Enrique Gil.


Rod Magaru show: 9/10. 

She’s the One opens tomorrow, October 15 in more than 100 theatres nationwide!

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  1. You just made me appreciate Filipino movies more… I think it’s time i get to watch one via widescreen after sometime.

  2. Its like discovering a part of yourself little by little within the characters and waiting for the perfect line for you to finally say, “It is my story”.

    I have to agree with this. After watching the movie last night, I wrote : Äng kwento ng buhay ko!!! She’s the one – a must watch 🙂

  3. Good review. You convince me to have a break from k-dramas. Thank you. I love Bea and looking forward to Enrique-Bea scenes..Wish it can be viewed in overseas asap.


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