(GOOD) Check out TAKE IT! The New Goya 3-Layer Crispy Wafer Fingers In milk Chocolate!

Im sure everyone of has has heard and had Goya chocolate in our hands before! Good news is that, GOYA has found another easy-peasy way to get your fix: by just taking it. Yes, the new Goya Take It molded chocolate wafers are three-layer crispy wafer fingers smothered in milk chocolate and available in easy-to-carry packs of 2 fingers, 4 fingers and, if you’re a choco hoarder, a 6 pack of 2 fingers.

I am a chocolate lover and aside from the fact that I choose chocolate brands wisely, I also prefer GOYA over other product as the brand has a long-standing reputation as a trusted maker of the Pinoy’s well-loved chocolate brand.

TAKE IT! Three-layer crispy wafer fingers smothered in milk chocolate!

When I was in Malaysia, I visited a chocolate factory there. Comparing the items I bought there to Goya, I can still say that GOYA is better.  Short background about Goya: The brand is actually a product of Delfi Foods, Inc., a licensee of Delfi Chocolates Manufacturing S.A. in Switzerland, which is, in turn owned by Petra Foods Ltd., one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of cocoa ingredients.

I want to share you how I eat my GOYA on my fridge. I combine it with my afternoon coffee (black). Sometimes Goya chocolates are my desert. That’s your guarantee that every rich inch of Goya Take It molded chocolate wafer is made from swiss quality chocolate which has been highly regarded for centuries all around the world.

Yep, don’t underestimate the power of chocolate. Goya Take It crispy wafer fingers in milk chocolate certainly make all that power affordable, shareable, easy-peasy and amazingly delicious.

Goya Take It is a quality product from DelfiFoods, Inc. under license from Delfi Swiss S.A. Available in packs of 2 fingers, 4 fingers and a 6 pack of 2 fingers at leading supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide.

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