(ONLINE) Shop online with Worry Free Shipping Charges using GCASH American Express Virtual Pay!

Imagine buying something online without the hassle of extra pennies for delivery charges, taxes and all. Well yeah I’m talking of online shopping concern that deals with custom fees etc. Some of us usually buy and shop online in the US because some prices are relatively low. Sometimes we opted to ask our friends in the US to receive shipping from merchants where we bought our items. And did I mention shopping requires a credit card to be able to use these kind of facilities.

For a non-credit card fan like me (Oh yeah, Im a cash basis since 2009) I find it hard to shop online because they require me to pay using credit card. This week, I was able to check that I can actually solve two concerns on my hobby–the online shopping and that is through the power of GCASH. Yep, GCASH AMEX Virtual Pay actually serves as virtual card we can actually use to shop online especially if the site/merchants are US based. (Again, I’m reiterating the items are waaayyy cheaper). As this is electronic in nature, the security features as well as its convenience gave me more reason why I am trying this now. With Globe GCASH American Express Virtual Card, you can have your own credit card and, you will have your own US address! Yes! I’ll try to walk you through with this.

So basically what I did this morning was to register through GCASH. To register with GCASH, simply dial *143# to your mobile phone and follow the pop-up message that will lead you to GCASH Menu. More information about GLOBE GCASH link here: Enter your globe number and email address. visit www.globe.com.ph/gcash-virtualpay


After this, key-in the passcode sent to your nominated mobile number on the website and you will receive your passcode-protected Digital Handbook with your account details via email and it’s done! Another email is from My Shopping Box. My-ShoppingBox is an online mail and package forwarding service and this is the official shipping partner of GCASH AMEX. From here it will ask you to complete your information.

GCASH My Shopping Box

With your new My-Shoppingbox.com address, access to the best shopping experience in the internet is just a click away. Now, when you shop from the US, all you need to do is to give the merchant your My-Shoppingbox address. That way, all your orders will be sent to your my-shoppingbox address and from where, it will be delivered directly to you doorstep in the Philippines, safely, secure and convenient.

Once you’re done with setting up your account in GCASH AMEX, you are now ready to shop!

GCASH shopping stores

Well, in my case I tried the ever famous Amazon.com where you can shop til you drop with its lower prices. for the purpose of trying it out, I shopped an actual item, (this time I purchase an Armband Case for my Blackberry Bold 9900 that I can use for my workout)

After i finalized my transaction I went straight to place my order and here is where you can actually enter the information GCASH AMEX provided you.

GCASH shipping and payment

Assuming everything is correct and you placed your order correctly, you will recieve an email from Amzon.com for the details of your delivery. In my case, I received it real time so the next thing I do is to check my GCASH Balance to know if the purchase was successful. I downloaded an app on my Blackberry and from there you can navigate through menus.

And when I checked it, I saw that my balance diminished. Meaning the purchase was successful. My next step is to wait for My-Shopping-Box email confirming the delivery of my item to my personalized US shipping address. On the My Shopping Box websie, we can actually may choose to have our package shipped via air or sea freight. Costs can range from $2.99/lb for sea freight, and $5.99-$8.50/lb for air freight.

Thats the time when I have to Click “Authorize Shipment.” choose American Express as your mode of payment and voila, I will wait for my package delivered at my doorstep!

So easy right? Now I will always use my GCASH AMEX when shopping online. I will share all my experience here as I am fond of blogging tips.

Visit www.globe.com.ph/gcash-virtualpay now for more info!

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