(FASHION) Tomato Launches SWAP Watches! Fashionable Time Pieces with Different Straps and Faces!

Last week, Tomato launched a very exciting addition to their Tomato Time collection, the SWAP WATCHES! I was able to shop, choose, mingle and play with other guests, blogger and media friends including celebrities who love the new colorful, unique and chic SWAP!

We went to Tomato Glorietta Branchfirst to just literally shop!  Here is Gino from RX 931 and Eric Gallos, Tomato Marketing Manager explaining the details to literally choose your own before we were escorted at the activity Area.

Whats is SWAP?

SWAP is about expressing your style inside out! It’s not a trend in fashionable Time Pieces that becomes stylish in a season and then fades away. It’s a lifestyle! SWAP reflects your own individual style, personality and everyday moods!

Some of the celebrities who went to the launch was Maxene Magalona, Divine Lee, IC Mendoza, Miles Ocampo, Marco Gumabao, Kiray Celis, Richard Poon, Markki Stroem, Igi Boy Flores, some Volcano Team Members and a lot more!

Here’s Melissa Ricks


Whatever your interests, preferences, talents, individual characteristics or even the kind of work you have or talent you posses that define your personality, there is a perfect SWAP watch for you! Color your life and make your world so much more exciting with the wonderful world of SWAP watches from Tomato! Go crazy and explode in colors of SWAP! It’s your sweetest arm candy wherever you go!

Here’s what I chose, Black and White Strap, and a GOLD FACE and INSTAGRAM FACE I can swap from time to time.

It’s so fun and easy to wear. Just match any SWAP watchface with any SWAP strap of your choice and you’ve got your own SWAP watch that reflects your mood and style for the day!  You can even swap SWAP watchfaces and straps with your friends, family, boyfriends and girlfriends and co-workers.  Have the most colorful and amazing time mix and matching your SWAP with your outfits. Express your various personalities with a different SWAP everyday! All SWAP watches have stainless steel case back, are 3atm water resistant, hypoallergenic silicone strap and come with a one year warranty on its Japan made mechanism.

Here I am with Richard Poon at the Activity Area. He helped me chose the color!

Initially, SWAP silicone straps are available in 30 different colors and 22 exciting watchface designs that you can SWAP anyway you want!  Every month, a new theme of exciting graphic watchface designs will be available.

From various themes and interests such as sports, movies, characters, superheroes, places and even fashion patterns, designs and trends, the new SWAP watchfaces will keep you updated to what is hip and hot! For the SWAP straps, a new batch of more fabulous colors will be available every quarter so you can keep updating your SWAP collection! SWAP also goes beyond beauty and fashion.  SWAP is a lifestyle that will make you beautiful and fashionable INSIDE AND OUT! With the SWAP “BE THE CHANGE” Advocacy line of watches, YOU CAN HELP CHANGE THE WORLD ONE WATCH AT A TIME.

SWAP has initially partnered with 3 advocacies to promote personal awareness and social responsibility to the needs of the poor and disadvantaged people in the country. SWAP BE THE CHANGE FOR EDUCATION – is an advocacy in cooperation with World Vision to help provide education to deserving children who cannot afford to go to school.  For every 3 watches of the SWAP BE THE CHANGE FOR EDUCATION (blue color strap) you buy, you help send 1 child to school for a month.

SWAP BE THE CHANGE FOR HUNGER is an advocacy in cooperation with Operation Blessing to help feed those who cannot afford to buy even the basic food necessity.  For every 1 SWAP BE THE CHANGE FOR HUNGER (orange color strap) you buy, you help provide 15 meals to those who are in need of food.

SWAP BE THE CHANGE FOR BREAST CANCER – is an advocacy in cooperation with The Cancer Treatment and Support Foundation, Inc., to help promote breast cancer awareness and provide financial assistance for treatments of breast cancer.  For every 10 SWAP BE THE CHANGE FOR BREAST CANCER (pink color strap) you buy, you help provide 1 free Mammogram procedure to women who cannot afford it.

With SWAP beauty and fashion inside and out is possible.  There will be more partnerships with different advocacies all throughout the year.  You can even participate and tell us what advocacies you want SWAP to support and partner with.  Because together, we can all CHANGE THE WORLD ONE WATCH AT A TIME!

All SWAP watches are now available in selected Tomato Stores and SWAP Exhibits located at various malls in the Metro.  SWAP is also available at the Tomato Online Store at www.tomato.ph.  Please visit our website to know more about SWAP. SWAP watchface are priced affordably at [email protected] and SWAP silicone straps at [email protected].  Available in limited supply are SWAP starter kits for P1,000 that come with 2 silicone straps and 1 watchface of your choice! With SWAP, you can be yourself and show the world the different exciting you everyday of the week and anytime of the day or night! Feel free to express yourself with SWAP, My Watch. My Way!

So what are you waiting for?  Mag #SWAPkana!

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