(TV) New York Festivals Nominee “Oras Na” A GMA Network documentary out now on DVD

Internationally-acclaimed Oras Na, GMA News and Public Affairs’ thought-provoking documentary on the deteriorating state of the environment, is now out on DVD. After receiving the Martine Filippi Award for Discovery in the prestigious International Union Radiophonique et Télévisuelle Internationale (URTI) Grand Prix for Author’s Documentary in 2012,

Oras Na once again receives commendation after being nominated in this year’s New York Festivals for the Environment and Ecology category. Hosted by actor and environmental advocate Richard Gutierrez, the ambitious project which took months to complete uniquely presented the threatening repercussions brought about by human activities that harm the environment. Oras Na poses a warning that time might be running out-a visual presentation of how the most basic resources sustaining human life may be exhausted years ahead of the worldwide deadline-and how this can be felt in the Philippines. From the degenerating tropical forest in Surigao, a severe case of deforestation due to massive illegal logging; the waning supply of fresh water available for everyone-as depicted by a documentation of a community’s hard work in Bohol manually digging up a well to serve as the town’s reservoir while households in Metro Manila waste up to 50 million liters of water everyday; to the decline of tuna harvest in General Santos City describing the apparent corrosion of marine and aquatic resources. Capturing potential clues to what experts believe are this generation’s most crucial deadlines, Oras Na proves that every action taken for or against the environment entails a consequence that can either lead to the planet’s conservation or degradation.

Time may indeed be running out, and what once seemed to be bountiful may be reaching its breaking point. From the same News and Public Affairs team that brought Signos, Wildlife For Sale, and the multi-awarded Planet Philippines, Oras Na is a documentary that seeks to find answers to some of the most important questions of this generation. Is it possible that everything could run out? How much time is left to avert the deadlines? Manufactured by GMA Records and GMA Marketing and Productions Inc., “Oras Na”-with English subtitle and bonus features – is available in all Odyssey, SM Music and Video, Astrovision, and Astroplus branches nationwide at P450 per copy.

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